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John Hughes Golf Offers Holiday Gift Guide

SUMMARY: Each year, John Hughes Golf creates a holiday gift guide filled with the year’s most beneficial and sought-after golf products and services, as identified by the organization’s expert instructors. The 2023 edition of this guide is now available at...

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New Staff And Brand Partnerships At John Hughes Golf

SUMMARY: In recent years, John Hughes Golf has been thankful to experience significant growth in its business operations. More students than ever before are discovering the talent and passion for coaching that the instructors at John Hughes Golf have to offer, and...

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John Hughes Golf Clients Achieve Success In Europe

SUMMARY: For an organization like John Hughes Golf, there are many different types of success. While John Hughes, the company’s president and CEO, and the other teachers at John Hughes Golf enjoy a great sense of satisfaction in helping beginning students discover the...

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John Hughes Golf Expands Fall McLemore School Dates

SUMMARY: Following several highly successful events and very positive word-of-mouth reviews by participants, John Hughes Golf has decided to expand its available dates for the popular McLemore golf school event. The upcoming fall McLemore event will take place between...

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Registration Closing Soon For McLemore Golf Schools

SUMMARY: With its long-anticipated golf schools at the McLemore Club right around the corner, John Hughes Golf is preparing for the trip from the Orlando, Florida area to northern Georgia. In a nearly hour-long interview with Charlie Rymer, PGA professional golfer and...

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John Hughes Again Named Top 25 Golf Instructor

SUMMARY: For over 30 years, John Hughes has been teaching golfers of all ages and skill levels to improve their game. Whether his students are looking to make it to the professional tour or simply have more fun on the course competing with their friends, John Hughes...

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