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SUMMARY: Throughout the 2024 golf season, visitors to the incomparable McLemore golf course in the mountains of northern Georgia have the opportunity to add even more value to their experience. With John Hughes and his staff of highly experienced teachers on site for...

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SUMMARY: Beginning in May and continuing through the end of October 2024, John Hughes will serve as the Seasonal Director of Instruction at northern Georgia’s McLemore Golf Club. Having already led a number of popular and successful golf retreats at this one-of-a-kind...

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SUMMARY: With spring break season imminent and summer vacation not far away, Florida hotels, resorts, and tourism organizations are shifting into high gear in order to be prepared to welcome thousands of guests. For families, couples, and singles alike who plan to...

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John Hughes Named To GRAA Top 100 For 2023

SUMMARY: The Golf Range Association of America, in addition to its printed and online magazines, publishes useful lists each year to help golfers find the best of the best in the industry. These lists include the best public and private golf facilities in the United...

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John Hughes Golf Begins Year With Success

SUMMARY: As it launches into 2024, John Hughes Golf begins the new year with a full slate of golf instructional sessions on the calendar. As one of the most popular golf destinations in the country during the winter months, central Florida is a fantastic choice for...

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John Hughes Named To Best In State List

SUMMARY: Every two years, Golf Digest magazine publishes its “best in state” list, helping aspiring golf students quickly find the best teachers in their area. The newest updated list from Golf Digest is due out at the beginning of 2024, and the Florida category will...

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John Hughes Golf Offers Holiday Gift Guide

SUMMARY: Each year, John Hughes Golf creates a holiday gift guide filled with the year’s most beneficial and sought-after golf products and services, as identified by the organization’s expert instructors. The 2023 edition of this guide is now available at...

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John Hughes Golf Clients Achieve Success In Europe

SUMMARY: For an organization like John Hughes Golf, there are many different types of success. While John Hughes, the company’s president and CEO, and the other teachers at John Hughes Golf enjoy a great sense of satisfaction in helping beginning students discover the...

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