Orlando Golf Schools
A Great Way to Improve Your Golf Skills

A commonly asked question is “Why should I attend Golf Schools in Orlando?”
The Answer – Why not attend a Golf School in Orlando and improve your golf skills over a 2 or more day vacation golf school, in arguably the world’s best vacation destination?

At John Hughes Golf, an Orlando Golf School is typically 1, 2, 3, or more consecutive days of golf, and golf coaching. The concept of each day is to maximize your time at the practice facility and on the golf course, so you can improve your skills and lower your scores. We’ll establish a complete plan that easily pin points areas of your game that you can realize immediate improvement.

At John Hughes Golf, your Orlando Golf School is customized to your specific needs. We do not believe in cookie-cutter methods, pre-scheduled dates, or make any claims of how much you’ll improve. You tell us what you want to work on, when you want to schedule your Vacation Golf School in Orlando, and where you want to stay. And we’ll deliver Customized Coaching before, during, and after your golf instruction experience.

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Orlando Golf Schools

Flexible Formats You can Choose to Fit Your Needs

No matter what format you choose, you will experience and receive a Customized Improvement Plan that fits your individual goals.

Full-Day (6-Hours plus Lunch)


Individual 1:1

1, 2, 3, or More Days

Custom Scheduling – You Pick the Dates that Fit Your Schedule

John Hughes Golf

What You Can Expect From A
John Hughes Golf School Experience

During your Orlando Golf School experience with me, you should expect to realize improvement quickly and easily. But that can not happen if we do not:

  • Review your intended improvement goals to insure the goals are realistic;
  • Evaluate your current equipment, insuring the tools you’re using are right for you;
  • Test your current skills creating a baseline of where you begin your improvement;
  • Insure you are capable of reaching your goals.

This is why you’ll receive a Player Profile prior to your arrival, asking for details of your skills as well as your improvement goals. Upon arrival to your Orlando Golf School, we’ll review your profile, evaluate your current clubs to insure they are the right tools for you, as well as bench mark your current skills and abilities using a FlightScope, BodiTrak, HackMotion, BlastMotion, Video Analysis, and other technology. With all this information, we’ll determine the most important focus areas of your game that you can realize immediate, as well as sustainable improvement.

Included within any Orlando Golf School Vacation

Skills Evaluation – Bench Marking Objectively Using FlightScope, Video Analysis, and other technologies

Equipment Evaluation – Let’s Make Sure the Tools You’re Using are Fit You

Full Swing Improvement – Increased Your Accuracy and Length

Short Game Improvement – Improve your Putting, Chipping, Pitching, Greenside Bunker Shots

9-Holes of On-Course Coaching (Full-Day Programs Only) – Learn to Play Smarter with Your Current Skills

Video Analysis and Instant Take-Home Video Lessons – Video Analysis of All Skill Improvement Aspects of Your Experience and Archived for You within our Customized Video Vault

Follow-Up Coaching through the video app, text, email, or phone for 30-Days after completion of your Golf School – a Virtual Coaching Subscription is Available after 30-Days

Customized Dates – You Pick the Days You want to Schedule Your Golf School in Orlando

Our Orlando Golf School Location

Falcon’s Fire Golf Club has served as our host facility for 8+ years.  The 18-hole Rees Jones Championship design can be as easy or as difficult as you’d like to play the course.  And its location is convenient to the Orlando International Airport, as well as the activities and attractions that make Orlando a top destination.  CLICK HERE for more information about Falcon’s Fire Golf Club.

Orlando Golf School Rates

Rates for Golf Schools in Orlando vary based upon the Season as well as Your Choice of Options/Formats

2021 In-Season Rates (January 15 – May 15)

1-to-1 Full-Day Golf Schools start at $799 per Day

1-to-1 Half-Day Golf School Rates start at $499 per Day

Multiple Day/Multiple Person Discounts Available along with Customized Ala Carte Amenities

Custom Accommodations Quotes are Available through My Hotel Partners


For more information or to schedule your Orlando Golf School contact:

 John@JohnHughesGolf.com or 407-852-8547

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