Golf Technology

John Hughes Golf uses State-of-the-Art Golf Technology within all Orlando Golf Instruction Programs. As well as within all Orlando Golf School Vacation programs. Why? To help you understand your golf game and skills, while providing confirmation of your progress. Not all golf technology is appropriate for all golfers. But when there is a need to use golf technology to assist you, John Hughes Golf is prepared to use what resources necessary for you to reach and exceed your golf skill improvement goals.

Looking for a great gift for you? Or, for another golfer you know? Golf technology makes great golf gifts. Be sure to check out the John Hughes Golf STORE to purchase some of the golf technology items described on this page.

flightscope technology


FlightScope is the world leader in the development and use of 3-D Doppler Radar systems within the golf industry.

Tracking ball flight and club data as you swing is a must.  The 28 data parameters FlightScope provides establishes where you begin your golf instruction journey.  And documents your improvement along the way.  FlightScope’s ease of use for both John Hughes Golf and his clients allows us to use FlightScope in many ways.  FlightScope’s software platform integrates with other technologies.  This makes it simple for you to see all your golf swing data in one place.  Video analysis, club and ball data, as well as balance, focus, and other information is all on 1 screen. In addition, when using FlightScope during your golf instruction session, you’ll have full access to all your data through

v1 golf video technology

V1 Golf Video Analysis

V1 Golf Video Analysis is considered the industry standard for video capture and motion analysis.  The ability to compare your swing to your ability and to improve your use of drills and exercises is the basis behind V1’s genius.  In addition, V1 Golf’s consumer mobile app provides you the ability to communicate and send video clips to John Hughes Golf.

boditrak technology


BodiTrak is a leading balance and pressure technology.  It measures how you use your feet and center of gravity to apply “ground force” throughout your swing. Using Boditrak, you’ll be able to see how your feet interact with the ground as you swing a club. And how those forces when used correctly, positively effect your swing.  BodiTrak integrates with V1 Golf so you can see your foot pressure and golf swing all at the same time.

hackmotion technology


As a golfer, did you realize your wrist alignment has a direct impact to where the face of the golf club is at impact?  This is why we use HackMotion.  It shows us in 3D exactly where your writs position throughout your swing.  We also use HackMotion as an interactive learning device, providing instant feedback during the improvement process of whether your wrists are in the proper position for your swing. Bluetooth connectivity to a mobile device provides an interactive screen for you to review your data.  In addition, functions as a real time screen to gauge your improvement.

focusband technology


FocusBand is a Golf Technology that provides a window into how your mind works before, during, and after you swing a golf club.  Using neurofeedback, FocusBand is a training system that you can use on the golf course, on the practice facility, or at home.  It increases your ability to become more focused.  And teaches you how to sustain your focus when experiencing pressure. FocusBand integrates with FlightScope, providing a one of a kind learning lab sure to assist you to reach your physical and mental potential.

blast motion technology

Blast Motion

Putting is all about feel. Blast Motion utilizes feel to maximize your ability to become a better putter. Data analysis of your tempo, swing length, face rotation, and other parameters provide a simple yet highly effective technology to instantly improve your putting stroke. Bluetooth connectivity to your mobile device provides an interactive screen for you to review your data, as well as view pre-recorded tips provided within the mobile app.

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