John Hughes Named To Best In State List

Dec 14, 2023

John Hughes Named To Best In State List

Dec 14, 2023


Every two years, Golf Digest magazine publishes its “best in state” list, helping aspiring golf students quickly find the best teachers in their area. The newest updated list from Golf Digest is due out at the beginning of 2024, and the Florida category will include John Hughes, the president and CEO of John Hughes Golf. The inclusion of John on this prestigious list confirms what his students already know–that his friendliness, intuitive teaching style, and deep knowledge about the game make him an invaluable instructor. John is thankful for the honor and looks forward to meeting many new students in the coming year.


One of the functions that Golf Digest, one of the nation’s leading golf magazines, provides for its subscribers and the general public is to publish “best of” lists. As the editors of the magazine use their expertise and network to identify the best golf courses, newly released clubs, and teachers in the country, they help golf enthusiasts enjoy their passion to its fullest possible extent.

The Golf Digest “Best Teachers In Every State” list is published every two years, and the compilers use a variety of criteria to provide golf students with their assessment of the instructors they should seek out in order to improve their game. Teachers covet a spot on this list, as it ensures that for two years the magazine’s subscribers and visitors to the website will be encouraged to contact them and begin lessons.

The 2024-2025 edition of the “Best Teachers In Every State” list includes John Hughes, the owner of John Hughes Golf. Based in central Florida, John and his staff of teachers have a longstanding reputation in the state for success in teaching students. In addition to his teaching skill, John applies the best of today’s golf instruction technology to sessions with his students. From in-depth swing analysis to virtual coaching sessions, John’s embrace of digital tools is just one element that has made him one of Golf Digest’s best teachers.

While John has enjoyed the privilege of teaching a number of students who have gone on to earn success on the professional circuits, he also gains a great sense of satisfaction from introducing the sport of golf to beginners and helping amateurs take specific components of their game to the next level. Visitors to central Florida often take advantage of the flexible golf school options available at John Hughes Golf, signing up for a half-day individual or couples lesson to hone their skills with John’s help at one of Orlando’s best courses.

John Hughes is thankful to be included on Golf Digest’s 2024-2025 list of best teachers in Florida, and he plans to continue the practices that have helped his students succeed in the amateur and professional realms alike. Golfers who would like to explore the coaching and instruction options at John Hughes Golf, including seasonal special programs at McLemore Golf Club in Georgia, can learn more at

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