Streamsong Resort

Streamsong Resort serves as a secondary location for John Hughes Golf.  It hosts our one-of-a-kind Florida Golf School Experience programs.

History And Golf Coincide at Streamsong Resort

For being out in the middle of no where in Florida, Streamsong Resort has certainly garnered a lot of positive attention since it opened in 2012. Each of the 3 award winning golf courses take advantage of the unique landscape left behind when phosphate mining ended over 50-years ago.  It’s 16,000+ acres of of property has also revealed the fossil remains of many extinct creatures.  Some of these historic finds can be seen first hand within the Streamsong Lodge lobby area.

Florida Golf at it’s Best

You can not find a collection of 3 Top 100 golf courses anywhere else in Florida.  Each course was designed with minimal material movement or reshaping.  Thus, preserving the terrain left behind by over 100 years of mining.  Call it reclamation.  Or call it genius.  Either way, Streamsong’s 3 master pieces are awaiting you.

When Can You Experience Streamsong Resort?

Our Florida Golf School Experiences are scheduled at your convenience and include luxury accommodations.  You’ll want to secure your dates early.  Find Out More

Information Request for a Florida Golf School Vacation at Streamsong Resort

Interested in visiting one of the country’s best golf resorts and learning to play better while you’re there? All Streamsong programs include accommodations, play on all courses, breakfast and lunch. And each is customized to your exact dates as well as specific coaching needs, which is why rates will vary. For more information about availability and pricing, please complete this form. I’ll contact you within 24-hours to share some information by phone as well as provide the link to all the information about these programs.

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