John Hughes Golf Offers Holiday Gift Guide

Nov 15, 2023

John Hughes Golf Offers Holiday Gift Guide

Nov 15, 2023


Each year, John Hughes Golf creates a holiday gift guide filled with the year’s most beneficial and sought-after golf products and services, as identified by the organization’s expert instructors. The 2023 edition of this guide is now available at, and it provides a wealth of creative gift ideas for those who have golfers in their lives and are searching for the perfect unique idea. From flexible in-person instruction packages to some of the year’s most advanced technology aids, the 2023 holiday gift guide is a one-stop shop for golf lovers.


While the core of John Hughes Golf is in-person golf instruction and coaching in and around Orlando Florida, the organization has embraced technology in recent years in order to expand its services throughout the country and beyond. Whether it be through virtual golf coaching sessions, video lessons that students can watch at their convenience, or advanced apps that measure metrics and return useful feedback, John Hughes Golf puts today’s technology to work for its students every day.

That technology figures prominently in John Hughes Golf’s 2023 online holiday gift guide, a yearly tradition by which the organization helps visitors choose the golf-themed gifts that will help the golfers in their lives make progress–and enjoy the game more than ever before–in the coming year. The gift guide spans a wide range of different categories, from training tools tested and approved by expert instructors to special prices on golf school events.

Highlights of the 2023 gift guide include Florida golf school vacations, coaching memberships, and the McLemore Golf School Experience. Whether a golfer plans to incorporate a day of expert instruction into their 2024 family trip to Orlando or their family plans to send them to the incomparable McLemore Golf Club in northern Georgia for an intensive golf school, John Hughes Golf has a holiday gift idea that fits their plans perfectly.

The virtual golf coaching products offered in the 2023 gift guide are the second best option after an in-person session with one of John Hughes Golf’s professional instructors. Through these apps and interactive digital tools, golfers can take their skills forward with maximum efficiency and improve on their very next golfing excursion.

John Hughes Golf is also proud to feature training tools that any golfer can use to build their skills, increase their drive distance, and improve their putting accuracy. All tools on the gift guide have the seal of approval from John Hughes as items that really work and that any golfer, from beginner to professional, would love to find under the tree on Christmas morning.

Shoppers can visit to find the 2023 holiday gift guide and get in touch with the organization to ask further questions about Florida golf school vacations, the McLemore Golf School Experience, and other coaching opportunities. 2024 will feature expanded activities and special events for golf students in central Florida, making the gift of instruction a perfect choice for golfers this holiday season.

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