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Whether on television, radio, or personal appearances, John Hughes Golf is in the news in Orlando, in Florida, and around the country. As John Hughes Golf makes news happen, you can find that news here!

State of the Golf Industry in Central Florida

An opportunity arose to make the case that Golf in Central Florida is alive and doing well, growing each and every day. John Hughes Golf and good friend, Brendon Elliott, discuss with Fox 35 WOFL’s John Brown, programs and initiatives golf is providing residents of Central Florida.

A Student Testimonial

Tommy Davidson provides some insight into what you can experience during a training session with John Hughes Golf.

 A Simple Improvement that Can be Made by Anyone

Ed came to a Florida Golf School in the Spring of 2014. Almost a Centurion, Ed had allowed time to catch up with him. Through some basic movement drills, Ed not only gained distance he had once lost, he gained quality of life movement back as well!

 2013 PGA of America Horton Smith Award

John is honored, humbled, and proud that peers selected him as the 2013 PGA of America Professional Development Award Recipient. The award signifies the contributions made by a PGA Professional to the Educational Process of PGA Members and the Golfing Public. Take a look back at the presentation ceremony held January 22, 2014, hosted by the Golf Channel’s Jimmy Roberts.

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