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State of the Golf Industry in Central Florida

An opportunity arose recently to make the case that Golf in Central Florida is alive and doing well, growing each and every day. Along with my great friend, Brendon Elliott, we discuss with Fox 35 WOFL’s John Brown some of the programs and initiatives golf is providing residents of Central Florida.

The 3 Most Important FlightScope Numbers for Instructors

Technology is only as good as an Instructor can communicate it to their student, which is why FlightScope and John Hughes Golf produced this video in November of 2014. Great information for any Instructor to digest and great information for any golfer to understand, so you understand what a great Golf Coach looks for from FlightScope.


The 3 Most Important FlightScope Numbers for Elite Golfers

Elite Golfers depend more and more on technology to assist them to reach the highest levels of golf. With all the different types of information an Elite Golfer could digest, confusion of that information is not an option at the Elite Level. If you consider yourself an Elite Golfer and are looking for an easier way to digest the information technology provides you, this video will be of interest to you.

The 3 Most Important FlightScope Numbers for the Amateur Golfer

With all the technology out there today it is sometimes hard for the average golfer to determine what to look for and how to that data. In the case of Ball Flight Monitors, the data they produce is overwhelming to the average golfer. This video provides you, the average golfer, the 3 Most Important Data Numbers FlightScope provides you and how you can use those to your advantage.


The FlightScope Skills Application

Watch how you can use the FlightScope Skills App to create a learning opportunity for any player to attack and improve statistical as well as objectively confirmed weaknesses. Knowing that accuracy from within 125 yards is keeping him from reaching his scoring potential, Andrew Kirk and I created a customized skill challenge that allows Andrew to practice those shots within simulated conditions. Doing so provides Andrew an opportunity to more birdies!


FlightScope and its Benefits to a Professional Golfer

Andrew Kirk, a great friend and one of my clients, sat down with me in August of 2014 after a training session to discuss his goals and how we integrate FlightScope into his training.


A Student Testimonial

Tommy Davidson, son of two great friends, provides some insight into what you can experience during a training session with John Hughes Golf


 A Simple Improvement that Can be Made by Anyone

Ed came to one of my training sessions in the Spring of 2014. Almost a Centurion, Ed had allowed time to catch up with him. Through some basic movement drills, Ed not only gained distance he had once lost, he gained quality of life movement back as well!


 2013 PGA of America Horton Smith Award

I am honored, humbled, proud my peers selected me as the 2013 PGA of America Horton Smith Award Recipient. Named after one our games legends, this award signifies the contributions made by a PGA Professional to the Educational Process of PGA Members and the Golfing Public. Take a look back at the presentation ceremony held January 22, 2014, hosted by the Golf Channel’s Jimmy Roberts.

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