New Staff And Brand Partnerships At John Hughes Golf

Oct 9, 2023

New Staff And Brand Partnerships At John Hughes Golf

Oct 9, 2023


In recent years, John Hughes Golf has been thankful to experience significant growth in its business operations. More students than ever before are discovering the talent and passion for coaching that the instructors at John Hughes Golf have to offer, and this month the organization is excited to announce two major steps that will help it become even more effective. One step is the promotion of a part-time staff member to the role of operations manager, and the other is a partnership between John Hughes and Donald Ross Sportswear as a brand ambassador.


With its headquarters near Orlando, Florida, John Hughes Golf has steadily built its operations from small beginnings into a large organization with multiple golf instructors on staff. At any given time, these instructors are working with individuals, couples, and small groups at some of the most beautiful and sought-after golf courses in the country to help them take their golf skills forward. As part of that growth, John Hughes Golf has launched a new brand partnership and also expanded the role of one of its staff members to that of Operations Manager.

As a skilled golf instructor, the president/CEO of John Hughes Golf, and a prominent member of both national and local chapters of the PGA, John Hughes has high visibility among golfers in Florida. That visibility makes him an ideal brand ambassador, and Donald Ross Sportswear has decided to engage John to promote its products in a variety of different ways. John is proud to represent Donald Ross Sportswear and its apparel and outerwear, as well as offering the company’s products on the John Hughes Golf online store, where golf enthusiasts can find a wide range of carefully selected golf equipment and accessories.

The growing number of students coming to John Hughes Golf and the company’s increasing event schedule–including the McLemore golf course school currently under way in northern Georgia–have created the need for the new role of Operations Manager. John Hughes Golf is proud to announce that Lauren Griffin has taken on this full-time role and will gradually take on the day-to-day operations of the golf academy. Lauren is no stranger to John Hughes Golf, having worked in a part-time capacity in marketing and publicity for 18 months. The organization is proud to welcome Lauren to her larger role and looks forward to the additional growth that her expertise will make possible.

The expanded opportunities that both of these changes create at John Hughes Golf will ultimately benefit the students who are interested in signing up for either a partial day or multiple-day golf school near Orlando, Florida, or one of the larger retreats like the popular McLemore golf schools. With flexible scheduling, the ability to focus on specific elements of the golf game that need work, and a wealth of technological assets that are a part of every golf school, the organization is a fantastic choice for professional and amateur golfers alike who are ready to level up their game.

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