John Hughes Golf Clients Achieve Success In Europe

Sep 8, 2023

John Hughes Golf Clients Achieve Success In Europe

Sep 8, 2023


For an organization like John Hughes Golf, there are many different types of success. While John Hughes, the company’s president and CEO, and the other teachers at John Hughes Golf enjoy a great sense of satisfaction in helping beginning students discover the joy of golf as a hobby, it is also exciting to hear about past clients going on to achieve recognition on the international stage. Recently two past clients of John Hughes Golf made headlines in Europe, reflecting on the great value that the central Florida based organization offers to students at all levels of the game.


While many of the clients that come to John Hughes Golf, located in central Florida near many of Orlando’s best golf courses, are looking to work in a half-day or full-day golf school along with a family vacation, others have their sights set on higher professional goals. With a number of award-winning instructors that boast an impressive record of success both in teaching and in playing competitively themselves, John Hughes Golf is a great choice for golf students that are interested in entering the professional golf field.

John’s coaching capabilities are illustrated by two recent success stories. Lev Grinberg, a client of John Hughes Golf since 2002, was selected as a member of the 2023 European Junior Ryder Cup team. This highly competitive and internationally watched event takes place September 26-28, and the instructors at John Hughes Golf will certainly be following the competition and cheering on Lev Grinberg as he exercises the skills that he developed in part under their supervision.

A second John Hughes Golf client, Elisey Antropenko, recently achieved a very impressive feat, winning his fourth Russian National Junior Championship in a row. John Hughes and his fellow instructors couldn’t be happier for Elisey and congratulate him on his dominance of a competitive field of young players.

For other young golf students who are interested in exploring the possibility of competing in junior events near home, across the United States, and even internationally, John Hughes Golf is a fantastic resource. With their extensive experience playing, competing, and coaching, the staff at John Hughes Golf can help young people quickly master the basics, build on their strengths, and focus on their challenges in order to prepare themselves to succeed in the exhilarating yet pressure-filled environment of competitive golf.

Of course, for those students that are looking to just improve their casual game, keep up with their spouse on the course, or familiarize themselves with the activity for the very first time, John Hughes Golf is also a great starting point. Orlando area residents and visitors alike will find a wealth of resources in the form of personal, customized instruction, equipment advice, and technological aids to help them become a better golfer at whatever pace they desire. Prospective students interested in finding a great golf instructor in Orlando can learn more about the organization at

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