What are and Why Should I take Golf Lessons?

Throughout the years, I’ve been asked many questions about why someone should invest their time and money into committing to Golf Lessons. If you’re seriously considering taking golf lessons, here are Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), a Golf Lesson FAQ.  This page will assist you to understand almost everything related to Golf Lessons and why you should invest the time and financial resources to take Golf Lessons.  If you have a suggestion to add to my Golf Lesson FAQ page, please contact me and I’ll do my best to post your question as soon as possible.

What are Golf Lessons?

Golf Lessons are designated appointments with a well qualified golf professional, preferable a PGA of America Professional, to make improvement to your golf skills.  Appointments can last any duration, normally 15-minutes to 1-hour in length.

Why Take a Golf Lesson?

The purpose of taking a golf lesson is to improve your skills in a particular are of the game.

How much does a Golf Lesson Cost?

Rates for golf lessons vary based upon numerous factors such as where you live, the facility where the golf lesson takes place, the experience level and availability of the Golf Professional, and how long of a golf lesson you intend to take.  Typically, more experienced Golf Professionals who’ve made a significant investment in their training and experience, or who conduct Golf Lessons at more more expensive golf facilities will charge more for a Golf Lesson.

What should I Expect when I take a Golf Lesson?

You and your Golf Professional will discuss your skills and decide upon an action plan that best fits your needs relative to the amount of time you can commit to practice, how often you play, and what your short and long-term goals are as a golfer.  You’ll hit shots while the Golf Professional observes you.  He or she will then make recommendations of improvement.  You will be given suggested drills and exercises that will improve your skills, performing those drills during any lesson while your Golf Professional observes and assists you.

What Tools and Equipment should I Expect to use while taking a Golf Lesson?

Not all Golf Professionals use the same tools, called “swing aids.”  Some may use more than others based upon their instructional methods and philosophy.  As a general rule, Swing aids are designed to assist you with feeling the difference between how you swing now versus how an improved swing should feel.  

Will the Golf Professional use Video during my Golf Lesson?

Most Golf Professionals now use some type of “video analysis” when you take a Golf Lesson.  Video Analysis assists you with seeing and understanding your swing habits.  It also assists you with understand how the drills or exercises you are performing will improve your swing habits.  Video Analysis may not be used every Golf Lesson based upon the Golf Professional’s discretion. 

How many Golf Lessons will it take to make Improvements?

There is no set amount of lessons that guarantee your skills will improve.  Golf Lessons assist with creating new habits to replace older, less desirable habits within your swing skills.  Habits take time to ingrain.  Based upon the amount of time you commit to practice ingraining the new habit will determine the amount of time it will take to realize skill improvements.

How Often should I take a Golf Lesson?

You should consult with your Golf Professional about how often you should take a Golf Lesson.  To experience long-lasting improvement and not repeat the same instruction content of your last lesson, you should commit to practicing the drills and exercises your Golf Professional provides you  to ingrain the better habits before your next Golf Lesson.

Should I take 1 Golf Lesson or more than 1?

The answer to this question is based upon what your main objective is for taking a Golf Lesson.  If you’re an experienced Golfer and you practice a lot, one Golf Lesson may be enough to fix the issue you are experiencing.  If you are attempting to make long-term and lasting improvement to your Golf Skills, more than one Golf Lesson is ideal and a better investment long-term.

How do I Choose the Best Golf Coach for Me?

Choosing the correct Golf Coach for you is about finding the person you like and can create a relationship with.  You need to choose a Golf Coach who understands you as a person first, golfer second.  And the Golf Coach should have excellent communication skills that mesh with yours.  For more detailed information about how to Choose the Best Golf Coach for you, visit one of my previous posts for the PGA of America here.

How do I get the Best Benefit from a Golf Lesson?

Be sure you arrive to your Golf Lesson a few minutes early to stretch and warm up.  Keep an open mind when taking a Golf Lesson, as you’ll be experiencing new feelings and learning new techniques that may feel uncomfortable at first.  Insure you are communicating with your Golf Coach by asking as many questions as needed to fully understand the changes you’re making.  Provide feedback to your Golf Coach about what you are feeling or if you can’t perform something the Golf Coach is asking you to do. Before leaving the Golf Lesson, be sure you fully understand what was covered in the Golf Lesson and how you should practice the drills and exercises your Golf Coach provided you.  Lastly, be sure to dedicate practice time after the Golf Lesson to ingrain the new habits that will improve your skills.

How should I Prepare for My Golf Lesson?
What I should I do After My Golf Lesson?

If you are committed to making improvements to your golf skills, it’s important that you dedicate time and effort to practice the drills and exercises you learned during your Golf Lesson.  Without practice, the time you spent participating in a Golf Lesson may go wasted.

Is Golf Hard to Learn?

As with any sport or athletic movement, Golf is not any harder or easier to learn at first than other sports.  But through good instruction and A good Golf Coach, Golf can be simpler to understand and more enjoyable during the learning process.

Can I Improve My Golf Game without taking Golf Lessons?

Yes, you can improve your golf skills without taking Golf Lessons.  However, it will take time, effort, and multiple rounds of golf to do so while sometimes making the same mistakes over and over again.  Golf Lessons provide you the knowledge and improvement drills to reduce the amount of time it make take to realize sustainable improvement of your golf skills.  

Do I Need Golf Clubs to Participate within a Golf Lesson?

No.  But it certainly helps if you learn to play with the golf clubs you own.  Most Golf Coaches have rental clubs available you can use during a Golf Lesson should you not own a set or not have your Golf Clubs with you at the time of your Golf Lesson.

Why Purchase Golf Lessons when I can Purchase New Golf Clubs?

Studies show that the investment of time and money into improving your Golf Skills far outweighs the short-term effects if using new or different Golf Clubs.  Golf Lessons identify and treat the causes of your ill-fated shots.  While new Golf Clubs only mask the problems associated with your Golf Skills.  Most all the time, it snot the Golf Clubs making the mistakes, it’s the Golfer.  Why not invest in your Golf Skills first?