John Hughes Golf Begins Year With Success

Jan 5, 2024

John Hughes Golf Begins Year With Success

Jan 5, 2024


As it launches into 2024, John Hughes Golf begins the new year with a full slate of golf instructional sessions on the calendar. As one of the most popular golf destinations in the country during the winter months, central Florida is a fantastic choice for residents of colder states that want to continue making progress in their golf game until spring arrives. The golf coaches at John Hughes Golf have full teaching schedules through the winter, with limited availability starting in February. Students are encouraged to book their spring sessions soon in order to take advantage of the organization’s technology-powered, flexible golf instructional method.


In keeping with its vigorous growth over the past few years, John Hughes Golf is enjoying a very busy golf instruction schedule through the first quarter of 2024. The organization’s single-day, multi-day, and half-day golf schools are booked through the end of January, with limited opportunity for new appointments from February through April. As golf in much of the rest of the United States comes to a halt in the winter months, golf amateurs and aspiring professionals alike tend to schedule visits to Florida to take advantage of the world-class courses and mild weather.

Adding to the popularity of John Hughes Golf’s instructional system is the commitment of John Hughes, the president, CEO, and lead instructor, to constantly improve it. This year, John has added a detailed evaluation step before coaching sessions, designed to quickly pinpoint areas for growth and make those the focus of instruction. Throughout the session itself, instructors use digital tools and apps to analyze posture, swing, and technique, perfectly complementing each coach’s real-life experience and teaching expertise. After the session is complete, the student is sent off with a valuable trove of ongoing instructional tools, including follow-up virtual interactions to lock in progress from their experience with their expert golf instructor in Orlando.

With John Hughes himself very active at the chapter, state, and national levels of the PGA and appearing in Golf Digest’s 2024 listings of the best golf teachers in Florida, visibility for John Hughes Golf in the central Florida region is very favorable. The organization’s YouTube channel, a great source for aspiring golfers that want to educate themselves on a wide variety of topics within the game, recently passed 1,000 subscribers and continues to attract a larger audience around the country. The organization’s website,, is itself an important resource for golfers, providing information and access to some of the best tools, equipment, clubs, and apps available today. The website also offers a blog, archived golf instruction articles, and other valuable tips for golf students.

John Hughes looks forward to taking his organization into 2024 with significant momentum. Through the incorporation of more powerful digital teaching tools, refining the instructional process to be more streamlined and effective, and expanding activities at the McLemore Golf Club in northern Georgia, John Hughes Golf promises to become a more valuable resource than ever before for anyone who wants to develop their game further in the coming year.

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