Golf Schools in Orlando

Spring 2021 Dates are Filling Fast!  Secure your Golf School in Orlando Now.  Full-Day Golf Schools Include 9-Holes of On-Course Coaching. Click the Button for More Information.  Or call 407-852-8547 for more details and to reserve your Orlando Golf School.

Video Golf Lesson Subscriptions

Instant Golf Improvement is Here!  A Virtual Platform Allowing You to Receive Customized Video Golf Coaching.  Customized Video Golf Lessons and Hundreds of Video Golf Tips, You’ll Instantly Improve Your Golf Skills!

Orlando Golf Lessons

No matter your skill level, an Orlando Golf Lesson is the best way to reach your potential.


Exclusively through John Hughes Golf, you can now experience a stay and play golf school vaction at the 5-star Streamsong Resort! Space is Limited!

Golf Coaching Memberships Available Now

Available in 3, 6, and 12-Month Programs and designed for the committed golfer, Golf Coaching Memberships is the Ultimate Orlando Golf Lesson Program. Space is extremely limited! Call 407-852-8547 to reserve your Golfing Coaching Membership!

John Hughes Golf Guarantees Results

Find out why your next Orlando Golf Lesson should be with John Hughes Golf.

On-Course Instruction

The absolute best place to evaluate and work on your game, on-course instruction provides you an Orlando Golf Lesson experience as you learn to play golf.

Challenge Your Game with a Golf Skills Assessment

Don’t have your skills evaluated indoors!
Schedule a Golf Skills Assessment and a Round of Golf at Falcon’s Fire Golf Club!
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Customized Coaching Programs

Utilizing on-course instruction, state of the art technology, and all other resources available, a Customized Coaching Program is the ultimate golf improvement experience in the Orlando area.  You choose the total time you need to reach your goals.  You choose your session dates and length.  You choose what resources you need to reach your potential, and John does the rest.
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Subscribe to the Video Tip Vault

Want to learn about golf in a quick and convenient way?  Subscribe to John’s Golf Video Tip Vault to access his library of video tips John has produced throughout his career.
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Learn More about John

When choosing to take Golf Lessons in Orlando, there is a clear difference why you should choose John as your coach.  Find out why you John Hughes Golf is the best choice you can make for your next Orlando Golf Lesson or Orlando Golf School experience.

Orlando Golf Lessons that Provide Results, Guaranteed!

Are you an accomplished player, an absolute beginner, or an average golfer looking to make it to the next level? Scheduling Orlando Golf Lessons with John Hughes is the best investment you’ll ever make for your golf game to reach the skill level you are wanting to achieve.

The best Orlando Golf Lessons offer you the possibility of a complete and quality experience. I’ll share my 29+ years of experience as a Golf Coach with you, showing you what take, beyond the typical Orlando Golf Lesson, for you to reach your potential.

And each Orlando Golf Lesson will deliver results for you. This is why I have assembled the best Orlando Golf Lesson team of experts and resources available you’ll have at your disposal to use to play golf at any level.

“Both Stephen and I want to thank you so much for your time and attention with us Wednesday. It was terrific! We look forward to seeing you next year!”
Kay C.

Club Manager, Montreal, Quebec

“Thanks for your patience and instruction. It was the best I have ever received.”
Dan H.

Merrick, NY

Orlando Golf Lessons - Instructional Programs

With John Hughes Golf, you can choose an Orlando Golf Lesson program that best suits your needs.

The beginner golfer may want to consider the Play Golf Now/Orlando Beginner Golf ClinicsThe enthusiast can depend upon Hourly Golf Lessons or a Custom Coaching Programs. If your a serious or competitive golfer you should consider a Yearly Coaching Memberships.

What if you’re not ready to commit to a golf skills improvement program?  Then you should consider experiencing a Golf Skills Assessment.

A very popular program is John’s one-of-a-kind Florida Golf Schools and Golf Schools in Orlando vacation packages.

And if your company or charity is looking for a great way to make your event special, John can customize a Corporate and Charity Event Programs.specific to your every need.

John has a long history of coaching Junior Golfers.  If you’re Junior Golfer is serious about being the best golfer they can be, consider a Orlando Junior Golf Lessons and Junior Golf Camps.

No matter what program you choose, our time together will be the best quality Orlando Golf Lessons and Orlando Golf School Instruction Program you’ll ever experience, giving you the best chance of making your golf improvement goals a reality.

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Golf Instruction Memberships

You can experience the ultimate Orlando Golf Lesson by purchasing a Golf Coaching Membership.  A Full Year of Coaching that includes range and club membership, technology to assist you, and other amenities not offered within any other program.  Find out more about Golf Coaching Memberships!
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Orlando Golf School Vacations

The most complete and comprehensive Orlando Golf Schools are offered by John Hughes Golf.  Multiple-day programs with and without accommodations are available.  Find Out More about Orlando Golf Schools!

Frustrated over the poor shots you hit on the course?

Are you a great “range” player but can’t take it to the course? Leaving a lot of putts short of the hole that prevent you from scoring to your potential? Looking to hit the golf ball farther with more accuracy? I understand your questions and frustrations and totally understand why you are looking to improve your game.

I guarantee you will overcome your frustrations, which is why a Golf Lesson with me, John Hughes Golf, is the best investment you will ever make to improve your golf skills. I am a PGA Master Professional of Instruction, an award-winning Golf Coach with over 28 years of coaching and instructional experience, and I have assisted many golfers to reach their golfing potential.

I guarantee I can assist you to overcome your personal demons and barriers that prevent you from reaching your golfing potential. You and I will work together on and off the course to insure you have more fun on the course and efficiently use what time you have available to improve your skills.

All John Hughes Golf programs are customized and designed for you to improve your golf skills as quickly possible, while having as much fun as you can. Isn’t that why you play golf, and choose to improve your golf skills?

Together we’ll create an improvement plan based upon your specific needs. We’ll use State of the Art Golf Technology to document your progress and to use as a reference tool. You’ll experience excellent conditions at the practice facility, dedicated short game areas, as well as on the golf course at the 4 and 5-Star Golf Facilities that host my programs.  You’ll have more fun and improve your skills at one of John Hughes Golf’s Orlando Golf Lessons or Orlando Golf School Vacations.

No matter what age or skill level, John Hughes Golf guarantees Your improvement and enhanced enjoyment of golf, or your money back. No other Orlando Golf Coach offers the guarantee that you’ll reach the playing level you wish to achieve, or we’ll refund your fees. So why not schedule an Orlando Golf Lessons or Orlando Golf School with me right now?

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Orlando Golf Lesson - Technology

John Hughes Golf is honored and excited to partner with the very best suppliers within the Golf Industry.  What does this mean for you?  The benefits bestowed to John Hughes Golf by our Partners are passed on to all clientele, regardless of skill level.

Part of the partnerships enjoyed by John Hughes Golf includes employing state of the art technology to assist you with your golf skill improvement.  FlightScope, BodiTrak, FocusBand, Blast Motion, and Game Golf Live are just a few of the technologies we use so you can see and confirm your skills improve and measure the improvement along your journey to become the best golfer you can be. Swing Aids and other devices will assist you to drill improvements into your swing. After each of your Orlando Golf Lesson sessions with me, we’ll continue to share information through the use of follow-up video technology provided by V1 Golf through a Video Golf Lesson Subscription.  Doing so instantaneously allowing us to communicate in real time to assist you with reaching your golf goals.  There is not another Orlando Golf Coach who offers such a comprehensive package or resources to his golfers.

Orlando Golf Lesson - Expert Team of Specialists

We’ll determine the best Orlando Golf Lesson improvement plan for you as an individual, which provides the results you are looking for.  We’ll assist you with areas that reach beyond the golf course, your fitness, nutrition, and mental conditioning.  Choosing our team of experts will increase your odds of reaching your potential as a golfer.

Orlando Golf Lessons - Locations

All John Hughes Golf Programs are hosted in Orlando at 4 and 5-Star golf facilities, providing you a quality course with quality conditions to experience an Orlando Golf Lessons or Orlando Golf School Vacation. You’ll also experience the best playing conditions possible, while learning to play on the golf course.

If you prefer, I can travel to your favorite club or destination, making it convenient for you to experience the best golf coaching experience possible.

Orlando Golf Lessons - Scheduling

Whether you currently live in the Orlando area, plan to visit Central Florida to experience golf instruction, or prefer to stay home at your course, you can schedule a customized golf instruction program with me at your convenience. Flexible scheduling allows me to travel to you, or allows you to visit me in Orlando on your schedule. During our time together we’ll create a program that makes an immediate positive impact to your golf game. We’ll install a long-term plan for improvement and success. And I guarantee you will gain knowledge and be motivated to improve your skills and enjoy the game of golf more than you ever have.

The Bottom Line

When you decide to make an investment of time and money into your golf game, you must seriously consider who you choose to instruct you. Unlike others, I guarantee your success, as we work together to help you reach your fullest potential as a person and as a golfer.

Need More Information?

Provide your questions or comments and John will personally contact you.