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I guarantee you’ll experience immediate results, no matter what Golf Instruction Program you choose!

With today’s fast pace lifestyles, there is no such thing as a one size fits all golf lesson. Because everyone has different needs, John Hughes Golf customizes all Golf Instruction Programs, designing each to fit the needs of each individual golfer.

We do not believe in a “cookie cutter” or “one size fits all” method. Why? Because every golfer is different. However, we do believe all golf instruction programs should have one thing in common, “fun”. No matter what golf instruction you choose, you’ll gain knowledge about why you perform the way you do. We’ll help you understand why certain drills, exercises, and specific swing aids will help you improve. We’ll objectively measure your progress. You’ll know what to practice and how to practice better. And we’ll mutually agree upon the realistic goals you can obtain.

What Golf Instruction Programs does John Hughes Golf Offer?


Beginner Golf Classes

Our Operation 36 Beginner Golf Classes for adults and juniors are scheduled monthly and include opportunities to play Omni ChampionsGate Resort and shoot “36” for 9-holes. A realistic and fun approach to building confidence and skills in a group setting.


Florida Golf Schools

Experience a one-of-a-kind golf school at one of the world’s best golf resorts.  Customized dates and packages are exclusively available through John Hughes Golf at Streamsong Resort.  Play all 3 Top 100 courses with John as your golf coach all 18-holes.


Golf Schools in Orlando

1-to-1 and 2-to-1 golf schools are available for you to experience 6+ hours of golf instruction including 9-holes of on-course instruction.  You choose the dates you’d like to attend.


Half-Day Golf Schools

For the budget minded golfer, or the group of golfers looking to learn a little, play a lot, and experience some fun along the way.


Hourly Golf Lessons in Orlando

Focus upon one aspect of your golf skills and effectively use your time to improve.  V1 Golf Video Analysis is included within every Hourly Golf Lesson in Orlando.


Custom Coaching Programs

5-Hours of customized golf instruction that starts on the course with a 3-hole playing evaluation.  Use the time as you wish versus being stuck using incremented amounts of the 5-hours.


Elite Junior Golf Coaching

For the competitive junior golfer, and their parents.  Customized to your educational and competitive golf goals.  Benefits include tournament and college preparation, fitness and mental coaching, and other benefits.


Monthly, Quarterly, and Yearly Coaching Memberships

10-20 hours a month of 1-to-1 golf skill coaching.  Included is a range membership, discounted green fees, and other benefits for the committed golfer.


Golf Club Fitting Sessions

Certified Club Fitters using FlightScope and other technology to pin point the exact equipment that will improve you game.


Virtual/Video Golf Lessons

Through our dedicated portal, Instant Golf Improvement, you can experience award sinning golf instruction from anywhere in the world.


Golf Skills Assessments

This is not golf instruction.  But it is a  quick, objective, and comprehensive evaluation of your skills to find out what you need to work on.  Play 18-holes after your assessment.


Corporate Golf Outings and Charity Golf Events

Customize a golf experience for your company, church, civic group, or non-profit charity.  No group is too small or large for John Hughes Golf to create an enjoyable experience for your entire group.

What can You Expect from a Golf Instruction Program from John Hughes Golf?


You can customize your Golf Instruction Program the way you wish, to include any component that allows you to reach your potential.

Within all programs, John uses state of the art golf technology to measure your success. You’ll be able to see what John sees, and confirm your progress, having access to the data collected.

Follow-Up is key to your progress, which is why John includes phone, text, email, and video follow-up services within all his Golf Coaching Sessions conducted at Omni ChampionsGate Resort or Streamsong Resort. It’s good to know that you’re a click away from receiving additional assistance from John between your Golf Coaching Sessions.

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