Golf Instruction Archives

The golf instruction archives of John Hughes Golf contains over 25-years of published golf instructional articles, John Hughes Golf has contributed numerous golf instruction articles and content to a variety of publications across the globe.

How the Golf Instruction Archives Came to Be

Starting with a small newspaper in South Carolina in 1996, John has littered the landscape of golf instruction content.  From small town newspaper to regional news outlets.  From radio show guest appearances to nationally syndicated talk shows and podcasts, John to continues to make his mark in golf instruction and the creation of content that helps golfers of all skill levels.  National publications like Golf Tips Magazine continue to seek John’s experience and knowledge to fill it’s pages.

What’s Contained with the Golf Instruction Archives?

Below you’ll find an assortment of live links and downloadable PDF documents you can view.  Each has a unique perspective about golf instruction It will assist you and other golfers to improve their golf skills!

Can John Write a Piece about My Golf Swing Mechanics and what I can do to Improve?

John is always looking for new and fresh ideas to write about.  So are the publications and podcasts he is a regular contributor to.  Any golf instruction subject is fair game. Especially if John can assist you with improving your golf skills!  if you have a suggestion for a future content article for inclusion into Golf Tips Magazine, feel free to contact John with your suggestions –

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