John Hughes Active In State And National PGA Leadership

Aug 10, 2023

John Hughes Active In State And National PGA Leadership

Aug 10, 2023


John Hughes, the President and CEO of John Hughes Golf, has been active for many years in the Florida state and local chapters of the PGA. As the leader of a successful golf instruction organization near Orlando, John highly values not only the opportunities to teach individual students through his flexible golf schools, but also the ability to contribute his expertise to the PGA and help guide the organization at a higher level. Through a number of special events and appointments, in 2023 John Hughes has continued to develop his role in PGA leadership at both the state and national levels.


By establishing John Hughes Golf in the heart of Central Florida’s sought-after golf region, John Hughes situated himself well to continue and expand his career in the golf world. As the leader of his organization, John along with his team of expert instructors provides instruction in many different formats in order to meet the specific needs of each student that books a golf school with them.

In addition to building the organization and adding new special events, such as this Fall’s golf retreat event at northern Georgia’s McLemore Golf Club, John Hughes has a deep interest in promoting the PGA’s activities at all levels–from his local central Florida chapter to the Florida state organization to the national conference. As a current Teacher/Coach of the year and Honorary President of the PGA’s North Florida Section, John is deeply involved in local events, working hard to make the area an even more attractive destination for golfers and golf students.

This Summer, John Hughes will be traveling to several special events held by the PGA in Florida to share his knowledge, experience, and insight. On August 23 (Tampa) and August 30 (Jacksonville) he will be the featured speaker at the North Florida PGA Section’s 2 regional coaching workshops. A week later, on September 6, John will be one of 3 keynote presenters at the North Florida PGA Section’s Teaching and Coaching Summit in Orlando.

At the national level, earlier this month John traveled to Frisco, Texas to attend the PGA Master Professional Summit. This group within the larger PGA is dedicated to mentoring other PGA Members and building their teaching and coaching skills. John Hughes is now a member of the National Master Professional Committee, giving him a wider range of opportunities for sharing his coaching and teaching skills with PGA Members at large.

While John’s PGA local, state, and national responsibilities keep him very busy, he is thankful for the ways that they allow him to meet new people in the golf industry, learn from those who have had successful professional careers, and in turn use his coaching and business success to help others grow their own organizations. Golfers who are interested in meeting John Hughes and scheduling a golf school at one of the beautiful courses in Central Florida can do so at the organization’s website,

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