Online Golf Lessons and Virtual Golf Coaching Subscriptions


Want to improve your golf skills without hoping on a plane to Orlando or McLemore? Want to experience the most convenient and efficient way to continually improve your golf skills? Why not purchase an Online Golf Lesson or a Virtual Golf Coaching Subscription?  Choose from 4 options that will elevate and improve your golf skills. And fit your budget.


Online Golf Lessons and Virtual Golf Coaching Subscriptions

Golf instruction and lessons has become very convenient in the past few years, with many golfers using streaming platforms to communicate and receive coaching in their homes or at their office.  Now you can do the same with John Hughes Golf. If you can’t schedule an appointment to see John in person, an Online Golf Lesson or a Virtual Golf Coaching Subscription can  provide you with a way to sustain your long-term skill improvement plan. Or get a quick fix to get you through your next round of golf.

Why is an Online Golf Lesson or a Virtual Golf Coaching Subscription is Right for You

If you need convincing that an Online Golf Lesson or Virtual Coaching Subscription is a great way to receive golf coaching, then  you are in the minority. Here’s a few reasons why you should consider scheduling an Online Golf Lesson with John. Or Subscribing to an ongoing Virtual Coaching Subscription:

  • A Convenient Way to Improve – Communicating with John Hughes Golf from distance has never been easier.
  • Immediate Feedback and Improvement – Virtual Golf Coaching and Online Golf Lessons is a way to fix a flaw in your game right now. Versus wait for the next available time slot in your coach’s calendar.  It’s also a way to obtain immediate feedback from your coach in between “in person” coaching sessions.
  • Reduced Cost – Because it is less expensive to schedule and deliver a Virtual Golf Coaching Session, John passes his savings on to you.
  • Continual Improvement – You’ll never feel like you can’t receive coaching and instruction, no matter where you are.  The convenience of scheduling a virtual golf coaching session affords you the ability to continually improve your skills with objective feedback and customized drills for your and your specific swing improvement needs.
  • Identify Your Strengths – Understanding the strengths of your golf skills provide you the opportunity to play smarter with your current skills.  In turn, you’ll make better course decisions immediately leading to lower your scores without any improvement. 
  • Identify the Parts of Your Game You can Improve Instantly – Creating a sustainable improvement plan that prioritizes each aspect of your current skills provides a clear understanding of what to focus on now and in the future.  A prioritized plan results in sustainable and consistent skills that lower your scores.
  • State of the Art Technology Platforms – John uses the most advanced and easiest to use technology platforms for all Online Golf Lessons and Virtual Golf Coaching Subscriptions. Making it easier for you to schedule and participate within a convenience learning environment.
  • FUN – We all play golf for the enjoyment we experience.  A subscription to remote coaching makes your improvement process enjoyable while allowing you to improve at a pace convenient for you. 

How Does a Video Golf Lesson or Virtual Golf Coaching Session Work?

  1. You Choose which Online Golf Lesson or Virtual Golf Coaching Subscription Package best fits your improvement needs.
  2. Send a Face On and Down the Line Video of your swing, using the club(s) you want to improve. Or, upload your Face On swing Video through the App using your mobile device.
  3. Schedule a Live Virtual Coaching Session with John using the GolfLive App
  4. Each Online Golf Coaching Session features:
    • A discussion and review of the golf swing videos you sent John using and within the GolfLive App.
    • A golf training session at your golf course, your backyard, in your simulator, or at any other location you choose.
    • Diagnosis and assignment of drills, exercises, and other items you can use to improve your golf skills.

Each Online Golf Lesson continues your long-term plan for skill improvement. While providing you and John an opportunity to stay in touch and work on the smaller details needed in between coaching sessions.

You can purchase 1 Online Golf Lesson or a Package of 3 Online Golf Lessons. You can also choose a month to month or yearly Virtual Golf Coaching Subscription.

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Video Golf Lessons and Virtual Golf Coaching Subscriptions

One 30-Minute Online Golf Lesson, Three 30-Minute Online Golf Lessons, Month to Month Virtual Golf Coaching Subscription, Yearly Virtual Golf Coaching Subscription


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