Golf Custom Coaching Programs

If you had the opportunity to design your own Custom Golf Coaching Program, what would you include as part of your program?  Would you include an intensive one-day training session?  Or a regularly scheduled 30-minute lesson once a week? Maybe an On-Course Lesson?  What about an occasional 15-minute tune up?  All these are possible when you invest in a Custom Golf Coaching Programs.

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Golf Custom Coaching Programs The Ultimate Instruction Experience

Golf Custom Coaching Programs come in 5-hour blocks of time, allowing you to schedule as much or as little instruction time at your convenience, while customizing your experience.  Custom Golf Coaching Programs start on the golf course with a 3-hole complete evaluation of your game.  You’ll learn to play smarter with your current skills, while video documenting those skills to determine which skills we can improve now to make the most immediate positive impact to your game.

Golf Custom Coaching Programs You Design with John

After the on-course evaluation, you and John will design an improvement program catered to your individual needs, based upon the priorities you both agree will assist you with reaching your potential.  You can then customize each coaching session at the Practice Facility utilizing swing aids, technology, drills, and practice methods to ingrain your skill improvement.  Included within your program is the use of:

FlightScope 3D Radar Technology for Ball Flight and Short Game Data Collection

V1Golf Video Analysis for video documenting your progress and for remote coaching

BodiTrak Balance Matt Analysis to record ground force data

BlastMotion Putting Analysis

FocusBand Mental Focus Training

On-Course Coaching

Club Fitting

Attendance at Supervised Practice Sessions (when scheduled)

Tournament Preparation

Fitness and/or Nutrition

Mental Coaching

Schedule Your Custom Coaching Sessions When You Want, for as Long as You Want

You can use as much of your Program Hours as you wish, any time.  You can choose to schedule an hour, 90-minutes, or more each time you schedule a coaching session.  And the amount of coaching time you purchase never expires. You can also “gift” any amount of hours you purchase to someone else.


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