A Deep Dive into McLemore Golf Course Architectural Evolution

From Reborn to Renowned: The Architectural Evolution of McLemore Golf Course

Once a course in need of a refresh, McLemore Golf Course has transformed into a golfer’s paradise, consistently recognized for its design excellence. Nestled atop Lookout Mountain in Georgia, McLemore Golf Course boasts a rich history intertwined with its architectural evolution. Let’s tee off on a journey through McLemore’s architectural timeline.

A New Dawn: The Rees Jones & Bill Bergin Transformation (2019)

Prior to 2019, McLemore existed, but lacked the luster it possesses today. Enter the renowned team of Rees Jones and Bill Bergin. They embarked on a comprehensive redesign, christening the course the “Highlands Course.” Their vision? To craft a challenging yet playable layout that capitalized on the mountain’s breathtaking scenery.

Key features of the redesign included:

  • Revamped greens complexes: More strategic bunkering and contoured greens added teeth to the course while maintaining playability.
  • Forward tees and wider fairways: McLemore became more welcoming to golfers of all skill levels, promoting a faster pace of play.
  • A focus on the dramatic landscape: The natural beauty of Lookout Mountain became a central feature, with many holes offering panoramic vistas.

The result? The McLemore Highlands Course garnered immediate acclaim, lauded for its strategic play and stunning aesthetics. It even earned the prestigious “Best Finishing Hole Since the Year 2000” designation by Golf Digest in 2020.

Expanding the Experience: The Birth of The Cairn (2020)

McLemore’s evolution didn’t stop at the 18-hole championship course. Recognizing the growing popularity of short courses, Bill Bergin designed “The Cairn” in 2020. This delightful 6-hole layout provided the perfect complement to the Highlands Course. It offers a fun and accessible option for golfers to warm up or unwind.

The Future Unfolds: The Keep and Beyond

McLemore’s commitment to architectural excellence continues. Construction construction continues at “The Keep,” An 18-hole “links-inspired” course designed by Bergin and Jones. Scheduled to open to limited play in early fall of 2024, The Keep promises to be a dramatic counterpoint to the Highlands Course, utilizing the mountain’s cliff edges for a truly unique golfing experience.

McLemore’s architectural journey is a testament to the power of thoughtful design. From a course seeking its identity to a nationally recognized destination, McLemore offers golfers a dynamic and ever-evolving experience. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a weekend warrior, McLemore promises a round of golf unlike any other. So grab your clubs and book your tee time – McLemore’s architectural evolution awaits!

McLemore Golf Course – A Sustainable Future

In recent years, McLemore Golf Course has embraced a new chapter in its architectural evolution—one centered on sustainability and environmental stewardship. Recognizing the importance of preserving the natural beauty of Lookout Mountain, the course has implemented eco-friendly practices aimed at minimizing its ecological footprint.

From water conservation measures to native vegetation restoration projects, McLemore has become a shining example of how golf courses can coexist harmoniously with their natural surroundings. The course’s commitment to sustainability not only ensures its longevity but also serves as a model for future generations of golf architects and enthusiasts.


In the years to come, McLemore Golf Course will undoubtedly continue to captivate and inspire golfers from around the world/ It will perpetuate its legacy as a beacon of excellence in the realm of golf architecture. As we gaze upon the storied fairways and majestic vistas of McLemore, we are reminded of the profound impact that architecture can have on the human spirit. A legacy that transcends generations and leaves an indelible mark on the landscape of golf. And remember, it’s a great place to experience a McLemore Golf School!

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