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I’ve been fortunate to travel within the United States and conduct vacation golf schools at fantastic golf facilities for over 25 years.  That experience and knowledge has led me to create what can arguably be called the best golf school format you can experience where results are priority #1. It all boils down to your most important question, “John, can I improve my game and experience a Florida Golf School vacation I’ve always dreamed of?”

The answer is “YES!”

What are Florida Golf Schools and What Makes Ours Different?

Quality Destinations

Our Florida Golf Schools are uniquely designed by starting with the hand-picked quality locations.  It’s all about how easy and convenient it is for you to experience a results oriented golf school program.  And how much fun you’ll have!  Learn more about our 2 locations.

Streamsong Resort

Streamsong Resort is a must play destination.  And the practice facilities at Streamsong Resort make it a “must visit ” golf schools in Florida experience. Golf School programs at Streamsong Resort are offered exclusively through John Hughes Golf and are nothing short of experiencing a one-of-a-kind VIP Golf School experience.  Each day of your program you’ll play one of 3 Top 100 Golf Courses in America where you’ll experience 18-holes of on-course coaching.  Prior to playing, you’ll spend 3-hours at the practice facility working on obtaining immediate and sustainable improvement.  This Florida Golf Academy program is a 1-to-1 experience.  Unless you decide to bring a second golfer with you.

Omni ChampionsGate Resort

Omni ChampionsGate Golf Resort is a luxurious retreat nestled in the heart of Orlando, Florida, offering an unparalleled golf and leisure experience. With its proximity to Orlando’s famed theme parks and attractions, Omni ChampionsGate Golf Resort seamlessly blends luxury, recreation, and convenience.

Ideal Scheduling of Florida Golf Academy

Unlike most other Florida Golf Schools, you can schedule our Full-Day 1-to-1 and 2-to-1 programs the exact dates you’d like to attend, versus fitting into a pre-scheduled date. This allows you to pick and choose specific dates that best fit your calendar.  Our Half-Day Golf School Programs are conveniently scheduled for 3-days 2x weekly through the high season (January-May).

All Inclusive Pricing

One rate includes everything within your program experience.  All fees for golf course access, golf instruction, meals, club storage, rental clubs, and other standard amenities are included within our customized rates.  Accommodations can also be included, and are included when required by the facility (Streamsong).  We can also include special requests such as early and or later start times, early or later end times, extras needed throughout the day, and dietary needs. When can also assist and sometimes pass along discounts with golf bag and luggage shipping and return services and ground transportation. And each location offers the non-golfer an opportunity to experience the amenities and surroundings that make each destination wonderful.

Florida Golf School Vacations

We’ll help you design Florida golf school vacations that match your specific skill level, age, and what you hope to get out of your trip.

Beginners can get a fantastic introduction to the game of golf by working with John Hughes and his staff. Making sure that their form and equipment are just right while playing on some of the best courses in the country.

Seniors will find that there is always something to learn from an expert instructor like John Hughes, even if they have been playing their whole lives!

Couples who want to build their golf game together will love exploring Orlando’s beautiful courses with John Hughes Golf.

What Makes John Hughes The Best Choice For Golf School Vacations in Florida?

With flexible options for golf instruction by the day or by the hour, John Hughes Golf helps you make sure you have time to up your golf game while also making time for the other things that you and your family want to experience while visiting here in beautiful central Florida.

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Want to know more about Florida Golf Schools and are afraid to ask?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Florida Golf Schools stand out among the best golf schools in Florida?

Florida Golf Schools distinguish themselves through meticulously selected quality destinations. Each location offers convenient access and a fun-filled, results-oriented program. For instance, Streamsong Resort boasts top-tier practice facilities and exclusive programs with renowned instructor John Hughes, providing a VIP experience. Omni ChampionsGate Resort, nestled in Orlando, offers a luxurious blend of golf and leisure, complemented by proximity to renowned attractions. These hand-picked destinations ensure an unmatched golf school experience in Florida.

What makes Florida Golf School's pricing structure stand out?

Florida Golf School’s pricing structure stands out with its all-inclusive approach. The customized rates cover all aspects of the program, including golf course access, instruction, meals, club storage, rental clubs, and other standard amenities. Accommodations can be included, particularly at Streamsong, ensuring a hassle-free experience. Special requests, such as varied start and end times, dietary needs, and extras throughout the day, are seamlessly accommodated. Moreover, the school can assist with additional services like golf bag shipping, luggage services, and ground transportation.

How does Florida Golf School cater to different skill levels and preferences?

Florida Golf School specializes in designing vacations tailored to individual needs, skill levels, and age groups. Beginners benefit from a fantastic introduction to golf under the guidance of John Hughes and his staff. They ensure proper form and equipment while playing on some of the country’s best courses. Seniors, regardless of their lifelong golf experience, discover continuous learning opportunities with expert instructor John Hughes. Couples seeking to enhance their golf skills together find joy in exploring Orlando’s picturesque courses with the guidance of John Hughes Golf.

What makes Streamsong Resort a must-visit destination for golf enthusiasts?

Streamsong Resort stands out as a must-play destination, offering a one-of-a-kind VIP Golf School experience through John Hughes Golf. Participants enjoy on-course coaching on three Top 100 Golf Courses in America, making each day a unique and memorable experience. The resort’s exceptional practice facilities add to the allure, providing golf enthusiasts with the opportunity to work on immediate and sustainable improvement for three hours before heading to the course. The exclusivity and quality of the golf school programs at Streamsong make it a standout choice among the best golf schools in Florida.

What scheduling options are available for Florida Golf Academy programs?

Unlike most other Florida Golf Schools, our Full-Day 1-to-1 and 2-to-1 programs allow participants to select their preferred dates. Additionally, Half-Day Golf School Programs are conveniently scheduled for 3 days, twice weekly, during the high season (January-May), offering flexibility to fit into individual calendars.

What makes Florida golf school vacations with John Hughes Golf unique?

Florida golf school vacations with John Hughes Golf offer a unique blend of personalized instruction and leisure activities. With flexible scheduling options, golfers can enhance their skills while still having time to explore the diverse attractions of central Florida, ensuring a memorable vacation experience for the whole family.

How does John Hughes Golf accommodate golfers' schedules during vacations?

John Hughes Golf accommodates golfers’ schedules during vacations by offering flexible options for instruction. Whether by the day or by the hour, golfers can optimize their time on the course while also making time for other activities, ensuring a balanced and enjoyable vacation experience in central Florida.

What sets John Hughes Golf apart from other golf schools in Florida?

John Hughes Golf distinguishes itself from other golf schools in Florida with its emphasis on flexibility and personalized instruction. By offering lessons by the day or hour, John Hughes Golf allows golfers to tailor their learning experience to fit their schedule, ensuring maximum enjoyment and improvement during their Florida golf school vacation.

Why choose John Hughes Golf for golf school vacations in Florida?

John Hughes Golf stands out as one of the best golf schools in Florida, offering flexible options for instruction by the day or hour. With a focus on enhancing your golf skills, the school ensures you have ample time to enjoy the beauty of central Florida while making memories with your family. The customizable programs cater to both avid golfers and those seeking a leisurely vacation, making it a perfect choice for a well-rounded experience.

Can I customize my Florida golf school vacation experience with John Hughes Golf?

Absolutely! John Hughes Golf stands out among the best golf schools in Florida by offering customizable experiences. Whether you prefer daily or hourly instruction, the school’s flexible options allow you to tailor your golf learning adventure. This customization extends beyond the lessons, giving you the freedom to explore and enjoy the diverse attractions of central Florida at your own pace. With John Hughes Golf, you have the power to shape your ideal golf school vacation, creating a memorable and enriching experience for yourself and your family.

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