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What makes Hourly Golf Lessons with me different?

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 I am all about having fun and a Golf Lesson should be fun, for you and me. Fun is the factor that allows you to retain what you learned, motivates you to continue to practice what you have learned, and provides you with results that can be sustained as long as you want to play golf.  I have to assume you want to have fun when you play golf, so why not have fun as you learn to play better while taking Golf Lessons in Orlando?

I guarantee you will have fun, learn a lot, and realize improvement to your golf game during your Golf Lessons with John Hughes Golf, or your money back.


A typical Hourly Golf Lesson includes:

  • Use of Video Analysis Software and Take-Home Videos/Video Lessons for reference and your confirmation
  • Drills and Exercises that specifically address your individual needs

  • Free email, text, and/or telephone follow-up as needed after your lesson so you can get your questions answered

Need more than an hour?  You can add time to your session, 30-minutes at a time. The more time you add to your Golf Lessons, the more we can work together to improve your golf game. The more time you add to your Golf Lessons, the more extras we can add to your experience. You can also bring a friend with you, so they too can have fun with us and improve their golf game.

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Need to know more about why you should invest in your golf skills and take golf lessons?  Check out my Golf Lesson FAQ Page.


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