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Being a “Serious Golfer” may not necessarily mean you are ready to go on tour. Serious Golfers are defined in many ways, but they all have one thing in common; they live, breath, sleep, and bleed golf. Serious golfers demand more from golf, including the person who provides them instruction, coaching, and continual support, which is why a you should consider a Golf Instruction Membership as a great investment in your game.

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 What is a Golf Instruction Membership?

Golf Instruction Memberships are designed for the serious golfer who would like more than just a lesson from time to time.  Golf Instruction Memberships provide you exclusive access to instruction services not provided other clients while affording you flexibility of scheduling and ease of use of the included amenities. Golf Instruction Memberships are paid in advance for a one-year term and include the following:

  • Initial 2-Hour Skills Evaluation at the Practice Facility and on the Golf Course
  • Short and Long-Term Improvement Plan Created with Periodic Follow-Up Evaluations
  • Two (2) 2-Hour private lessons per month (practice facility or on-course)
  • Initial Fitness Performance Evaluation and long-term plan by our Fitness Partner
  • Initial Mental Performance and Conditioning Evaluation by our Mental Coach Partner
  • One-Year Range Membership with unlimited use of Practice Facility and practice balls
  • Access to Regularly Scheduled Supervised Practice Sessions
  • Reduced Fees at Host Facility
  • Reduced Fees when purchasing Equipment, Accessories, or Apparel
  • Live Video Lesson Conferencing/Follow-Up Sessions
  • Tournament Preparation and Caddie Services
  • Instruction Services provided at other facilities (additional expenses may apply)
  • Other Services as they become available

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Golf Instruction Memberships are not for everyone, but are designed for those golfers who are serious about the game and are looking for a long-term and complete solution to their game improvement.  Due to the expectations of the serious golfer, Golf Instruction Memberships are expensive and limited to 12 clients per calendar year (based upon your start date of term). Their is no age minimum or maximum, or preference to what you want to accomplish as a golfer.  Just your commitment to yourself and your game.

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