Corporate Golf Outings and Charity Golf Events

A Way to Make Your Next Corporate Golf Outing or Charity Golf Event Unique

John Hughes Golf can provide your next corporate golf outing or charity golf event with a great program to make your special day at the golf course that much more enjoyable for you and your guests.  You can choose from the ideas below.  Or, ask John to customize a program that meets your corporate golf tournament or charity golf event’s specific needs.

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Business Golf 101

A unique perspective of how to conduct business during a round of golf. You’ll learn to identify the clues your perspective client is providing you. For instance, are you being asked by the client to close the deal?  And when?  In addition, you’ll learn how to maintain and build customer relationships.  As well as understand the 3 key ingredients to successfully conduct business on the golf course.  Choose one or all 3 programs:

  • 2-Hour Program – Classroom and Range
  • 4-Hour Program – Classroom with either Range or On-Course Time
  • 6-Hour Program – Classroom, Range, and On-Course, with Lunch

Corporate Golf Experiences

Entertain your clients and prospects with time at the course, working on their games and getting to know your guests. This is a custom-tailored golf skills program to fit the needs of you and your guests. Choose a specific amount of practice time, on-course time, or both. You and your guests are provided take home videos through an online portal, as well as access to ball flight data. In addition, food and beverage can be added for an additional cost.

  • 2-3 Hours – Spend time at the Range or one the Course focusing on individual needs determined prior to arrival
  • 3-4 Hours – Your group can spend time on the Range and limited a limited amount of time on the Golf Course
  • 4+ Hours – Range, On-Course, and Lunch ins included

Corporate Team Building Experiences

Team Building on the golf course provides a perfect environment to challenge each team member to solve problems individually. And collectively. All the while, identifying the value each team member contributes to your organization.

Every Corporate Team Building Experience is customized to identify and highlight your organization’s priorities, In addition, growth opportunities. Choose from Half-Day, Full-Day, or Multiple-Day programs that uses golf as the ultimate problem solving catalyst.

Use golf as the focus for your next team building event.

Golf Skills Challenge

Entertain your guests experiencing an amusing and fun environment of skill contests. Based upon the group and its size, we can include long drive, closest drive, longest putt, most putts holed, closest chip, and other contests. This a social gathering at the practice facility.  It’s a fun environment providing opportunities for comradery and networking.

Corporate and Charity Golf Tournament Amenities

Event Instructional Amenities

Chose an idea from this list. Or, create your own golf instruction program to add to any charity or corporate golf tournament:

  • Video Lessons – Captured at a designated hole, each event participant receives and personalized Video Lesson.  Branding of videos is available.
  • Before the Tournament Clinic – Approximately 45 to 60-minutes prior to the start of an event, why not provide your tournament participants with helpful hints and demonstrations of simple yet effective ways each golfer can improve while enjoying the event.
  • Pre-Round Tips – Have John provide helpful hands-on tips at the practice range as your guests warm up to play your event.
  • On-Course Instruction – John rides with each group as they play your charity or corporate golf event.  John will coach and assist participant and help each group enjoy their experience.
  • Professional Hits a Shot  – Allow John to hit a designated shot on any hole for every group in your event.  Pick one shot, whether it is a tee shot, a putt, or anything in between.
    Including a Video Golf Lesson to your next event will certainly add a personalized touch.

    Event Contests Using Technology

    Using FlightScope and other available technologies, you can add any of the Special Contests below to any corporate or charity tournament. In addition, you can opt to share contest proceeds with your designated charity.

    • On-Course Contests – Longest Drive Carry, Long Drive Roll, Long Drive Total, Shortest Drive, Straightest Drive;
    • Practice Facility Contests;
    • Pitch Shot Challenge – Golfing participants hit a designated number of shots to a specific target(s), scoring points with each shot;
    • Golf Swing Challenges – Participants hit a designated number of shots to specific targets, scoring points with each shot;
    • Fastest Club or Ball Speed – Award a Prize to the Golfer with the Fastest Club or Ball Speed;
    • Trajectory Contest – 2-5 Chances to hit a ball through a trajectory window;
    • Create Your Own Contest – Create your own Special Contest using state of the art ball flight technology.
    Add on-course contests to your next charity or corporate golf tournament using technology as the judge.

    * Rates for all Corporate Golf Outings and Charity Golf Events programing are quoted by request.  Your group’s rates is determined by date and time scheduling, number of participants, chosen program(s), food and beverage needs. In addition to any unique needs included within your request for inclusion within your event.

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