What is a Video Golf Lesson?

It’s a remote way to receive world-class coaching from any where in the world! So if you can’t make an appointment for 1-to-1 golf lesson in Orlando with John Hughes Golf. But you want to improve your golf skills. Then you should consider a Video Golf Lesson subscription through Instant Golf Improvement!

Video Golf Lessons through Instant Golf Improvement

Video Golf Lessons through Instant Golf Improvement allows you to seek sustainable skill improvement from anywhere in the world.   You submit your golf swing video through a dedicated mobile app.  And within 48-hours you receive a 5-10 minute video golf lesson.  With specific drills and exercises customized to build a solid golf improvement program.  You receive 1 video golf lesson a month.  Plus access to a private library of video golf instruction that addresses every aspect of the game.

Enhancing Your Current Golf Improvement Program

Video Golf Lesson Subscriptions can augment and enhance any person to person golf improvement program.  From any where in the world, you can access your golf instructor, and ask for assistance.  You can learn how to swing a driver better. How to hit your irons closer to the hole.  And improve your golf swing mechanics.

A Video Golf Lessons Subscription is a viable and affordable method to enhance and supplement your ability to reach your golfing potential!

What is a Video Golf Lesson Subscription?

A Video Golf Lesson Subscription to Instant Golf Improvement is a way for you to establish a Long Distance Coaching Relationship with John Hughes Golf.  Doing so, you and John can create an improvement plan that best suits your individual needs. You’ll utilize golf swing videos you create with your mobile device.  You’ll send those videos to John using a dedicated mobile app.  John will quickly reply to your golf swing videos by providing you a video lesson.  Each video golf lesson addresses the aspects of your game you can improve immediately.  It’s easy, convenient, and fun. And its an affordable way for you to receive fantastic coaching from one of the country’s top rated golf coaches.

Here are 3 reasons why you should subscribe:

Identify your strengths so you understand how your strengths as a golfer will help you improve
Understand your shot tendencies and the areas that you can improve the most in the least amount of time
Learn and follow what tips, drills, and exercises you can do easily, to achieve immediate results

How Does a Video Golf Lesson Subscription Work?

1. CLICK HERE and choose either a monthly or annual subscription plan with Instant Golf Improvement;

2. Upload the V1 Golf App to your mobile device;

3. Create an Account within the V1 Golf App and start taking videos of your entire game;

4. Within the app, choose “John Hughes Golf” from the drop down menu of academies and instructors.  And send your golf swing video(s);

5. When John receives notice you’ve uploaded your videos, John will call you to discuss your improvement goals and what items of your game you want to improve the most;

6. After speaking with John, he guarantees you’ll receive your first lesson within 48-hours.

Your Video Golf Lesson will include a voice over explaining what you are doing correct as well as what one thing, if you work hard on improving, will produce the best results for you. The end of the video will include notes, tips, drills, and exercises you can do in your home, your office, or at the golf course that will immediately improve your game.

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