FlightScope Mevo+

FlightScope Mevo+

FlightScope Mevo+

The Award Winning FlightScope’s Mevo+ is the ultimate personal launch monitor!  It’s compact design and robust features makes this a “must have” item for any golf enthusiast.

Mevo+ functions as a personal radar device indoors or outdoors, providing you the information to perform better, practice better, and stay informed with your actual skills.  The use of the apps associated with Mevo+ allows you to track your progress over time and store videos your swings or practice sessions for comparison.

Mevo+ captures 16 data parameters, twice a many as its smaller sister, Mevo!  With every shot, Mevo+ captures and delivers you the information needed to understand your skills and make the adjustments necessary for you to improve your skills.  The 16 data parameters include: carry distance, club head speed, ball speed, smash, vertical launch angle, spin rate, apex height, flight time, horizontal launch angel, angle of attack, lateral landing, roll distance, total distance, spin axis, spin loft, and spin shape. These parameters also allow Mevo+ to deliver a lot more added features no other personal radar device offers.

You can use Mevo+ as a golf simulator.  Your purchase of a Mevo+ comes with 5 simulated golf courses and 17 practice range configurations you can use indoors.  Connecting to a WiFi compatible projector is made easy with Mevo+’s improved WiFi modem.

In addition, Mevo+ works with FlightScope’s FS|Golf and FS|Skills mobile apps, providing you more functionality as well as performance while working on your game.

FlightScope’s Mevo+ is a game changer!  For you and your game.  It’s a tool any golfer can use to make improvements and to have a lot of fun, regardless of the weather.

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