Lag Shot Triple Threat Combo


Get ALL 3 Lag Shot Training Aids! Unlock Your Best Golf Swing and Add 20+ Yards Effortlessly! Groove a Consistent, Reliable Driver Swing. Hit with Perfect Rhythm & Tempo Around the Greens.


Groove a tour-level swing feel with every club in your bag

The Lag Shot Triple Threat Combo allows you the opportunity to practice with the Lag Shot driver, 7 iron, and wedge will make you a more consistent golfer regardless of your age or skill level.

Use the Lag Shot driver to add distance off the tee and fix your slice. Practice with the 7 iron to hit straight, solid iron shots that never leave the flag. Use the wedge to hit crisp shots and master distance control around the greens.

From tee to green, Lag Shot has you covered.


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