TheStack System


Everything you need to train for speed!  The Stack System is the creation of Dr. Sosho McKenzie, golf’s foremost biomechanist.


TheStack System is a complete speed training system that allows you to bio-hack your club head speed training.  Previously used exclusively by touring professionals, TheStack is now available to all golfers, providing a dynamic way to customize your speed training.

How Does TheStack Work?

TheStack is a personal swing-speed trainer for golfers. Initially, each golfer completes a series of swing speed tests to generate a force-velocity profile of your current golf swing. The qualitative data gathered during these tests help you understand your perceived strengths and weaknesses related to your ability to generate more club head speed. Your comprehensive baseline data lets TheStack App’s artificial intelligence (A.I.) algorithms create a list of customized program options specific to your swing characteristics.  6 different training programs are then ranked in an order that provides you a starting point of high-probability of you increasing your club head speed over a 6 to 10 week period (18 to 24 training sessions).

TheStack App

When you choose a program, TheStack App continues to function as a personal trainer, guiding you through scheduled workouts and tracking stack weight, rest, recovery, and performance data. The tracked data entered during each workout is constantly utilized by TheStack’s A.I. algorithms to adjust and individually optimize subsequent Stack workouts, maximizing club head speed gains. Upon completion of a program, each golfer goes through a Progress Check, to quantify speed gains. This data is then used by TheStack’s A.I. to rank order your next training program options. The more you train with TheStack, the more individually tailored the programs become!

TheStack’s A.I. algorithms are the creation of multiple years of research by leading sport scientist, Dr. Sasho MacKenzie. The same science used to speed train the world’s best is now available to all golfers, and is compatible with multiple tracking devices such as FlightScope Mevo+.

TheStack Hardware

5 CNC milled Stack weights combine with a custom engineered shaft & hardware to create 30 unique combinations for unlocking dynamic variable inertia speed training. TheStack includes a highly engineered training club and 5 CNC milled Stack weights that enables 30 unique weight combinations from 0g to 300g, which are easily adjusted with a threaded fastener. TheStack includes a dual-purpose weight case, which stores easily in your golf bag and doubles as a phone stand during training sessions. To optimize the system dynamics and your vertical swing plane while training, TheStack (Adult) is 41.5” in length and most similar to a hybrid.  TheStack App algorithms calculate your equivalent driver speed (eSpeed) and Distance Potential.

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