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Eyeline Golf Sweet Spot 360 3-Pack

Eyeline Golf Sweet Spot 360 3-Pack

The putter has a sweet spot – between the toe and heel, top and bottom of the face. The Sweet Spot 360˚ is a reusable foam piece that sticks to the face of your putter. It has an opening in the center for your ball to make sweet contact. Hit the spot and the putt rolls perfect. Miss the spot and there is no sound or roll. Listen for solid contact. How many can you hit in the sweet spot?

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Lag Stick Swing Trainer

Lag Stick Swing Trainer

The Lag Stick is the simplest device you can buy to assist you with improving:

    • Maximize distance
    • Makes your swing much smoother and more efficient
    • Creates forward shaft lean for tons of compression
    • Helps you take a divot after the ball
    • Produces more spin to golf shots (backspin with iron shots into the green)
    • Makes the ball sound like it is coming out of a cannon when you hit it
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