The Putt Ruler


There are 3 basic putting skills. Green reading, a repeatable address position, and perfect impact. Practicing with The Putt Ruler teaches all three putting skills!


Putting coach Bob Walton’s brilliant invention, The Putt Ruler, simply teaches the essential skills to become a better putter. And produces immediate results.

Using one simple practice routine, The Putt Ruler demonstrates and teaches green reading, a repeatable and efficient set up position, and producing a perfect impact with every putt you stroke. Made of lightweight but durable aluminum, you can use it indoors or outdoors, on any surface.  Whether right handed or left handed, it’s universal design provides all golfers the opportunity to improve their putting skills.

Simply lay The Putt Ruler down pointing in the direction you think the putt should start.  Use the included pins to secure the The Putt Ruler in place. And place a ball within each of the holes in the front of the swing aid.  Now set up and putt!

If you can get both balls to travel on the same straight line, you’ve achieved perfect impact.  And you can adjust the ruler to the apex point of any putt, based upon how you control the speed of your putts.

Distance Control is the most important element for successful putting. The Putt Ruler teaches accurate green reading and perfect impact. The 2 skills necessary to control speed. Due to simple physics regardless of stroke error, the forward ball always rolls where you point the ruler. But when both the stroke ball and the forward ball start on the same line, you achieve perfect impact!

The Putt Ruler is arguably the best putting tool ever! Used by touring professionals around the world, It’s a “must have” for any golfer struggling to improve their putting skills. The simplicity and effectiveness of this master crafted putting aid is unmatched.

The Putt Ruler comes in a protective leather sheath with a Velcro closure and built in pouch to hold the anchor pins. The whole package weighs less than one pound and easily slips into the storage pocket of any golf bag. How to use and instruction information is included, as well as a package of 3 putting discs.

Additional information

Weight 1.7 lbs
Dimensions 19 × 3.5 × 3 in
The Putt Ruler

The Putt Ruler


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