Why Golf Alignment Discs


Use Why Golf’s Alignment Discs and Sticks to bring your use of alignment sticks to an all new level!  Adjustable settings and easy to use, this is a must for the most committed golfer.


The use of alignment rods is nothing new in golf. But Why Golf’s Alignment Discs allow you to place rods anywhere at precise angles every time. Easy to use and easy to transport.

Whether you’re working on your takeaway, swing path, plane, or follow through, the discs will make your practice sessions strikingly productive and purposeful.


Included with Purchase 
– 2 Alignment Discs
– Nylon carry bag
– Training Videos
– Exceptional Customer Support
– 60 Day Money Back Guarantee – Fix your swing path or send it back for a full refund


6 different angles help perfect your swing path (45 degrees to vertical)

Fix your slice, hook, over-the-top move, swaying, early-extension and more!

⛳️ Place Alignment Rods at Precise Angles
🏌🏿‍♂️ Trusted by 30k+ Golfers


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