PlayMakar MVP+ Percussion Message System


The PlayMakar MVP+ Percussion Message System delivers deep percussive massage to help your muscles relax and recover better. This is the quietest and most compact professional-grade percussion massage tool available. It’s packed with the latest technology and revolutionary massage heads designed to outperform your expectations.


The all-new PlayMakar MVP+ Percussion Massage System offers a high-powered brushless motor boasts 58 lbs. maximum stall force, 6 speeds, and a 14 mm stroke length to deliver a rigorous professional-grade massage for maximum results. Its precision-balanced design offers industry-leading quietness and exceptional comfort, while the patent-pending touchscreen display with SpeedLock™ makes it easy to use. 

PlayMakar MVP+ Percussion Message System has Less Noise & External Vibration

QuietVybe is our patent-pending precision-balanced system with weight distribution aligned in the center. The result is less vibration in your hand for a quieter, more enjoyable massage experience.  QuietVybe’s sound level (<48dB) is lower than a normal conversation.

The Most Innovative Massage Heads Ever Created

We understand all bodies aren’t the same. Some have high-density muscles, others are less dense, and all have different demands. These variations motivated us to design ProTips, our line of patent-pending impact progression massage heads with EchoFlex™ Technology. ProTips offer low- to high-impact therapy to treat a variety of muscle sizes and densities. Responsive silica tips provide a premium percussion therapy experience over hard plastic or closed-cell foam alternatives. Our interchangeable massage heads are easy to clean and may be used with oils and lotions. We love ProTips and think you will, too!

A Great Way to Loosen Up and Recover!

The PlayMakar MVP+ Percussion Message System can be used as you warm up, increasing your potential of moving freely and gaining increased speed in your swing.  And when your round is over, use the MVP+ to warm down.  Messaging your muscles so you’re ready to play again another day.


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