Junior Golf Performance Training Program


If you’re Junior Golfer is wanting to play better golf or has committed to play tournament of school sanctioned golf, you need to consider our Junior Golf Performance Training Summer Golf Camps.


A Comprehensive Junior Golf Training Program

This 4-week Summer Golf Camps program focuses upon the discipline and details necessary for a Junior Golfer to reach their next level and play to their potential. All class participants will learn and improve their golf skills within these major areas of focus:

  • Speed – Using ground forces, mechanical sequencing and athleticism to increase their overall clubhead speed.
  • Club Face Control, Accuracy, and Shot Dispersion.
  • Controlling Trajectory, Spin, and Distance with each golf club.
  • Mastery of scoring clubs featuring the basic principles of each short game shot as well as advanced strategies of chipping, pitching, greenside bunkers, and specialty shots around the green.
  • Basic and advanced putting techniques including green reading, distance control and practicing putting under pressure.
  • On-Course Coaching to transfer skills from practice to practical application.
  • Fitness – Are you ready to play elite golfer and are you fit to do so?

Class participants can also opt to add private coaching to their program.

Learn with Objective Data Captured by Our Technology

The program will include the use of technologies that objectively capture ball flight and club path monitoring, ground force measurement, and 3D swing analysis.  Each participant will receive video documentation of their experience through our dedicated video analysis platform and mobile app.

Who is Eligible to Participate?

  • Competitive Junior Golfers ages 12-18.
  • Classes limited to 5 golfers per class (wait list will apply)

Cost of our Summer Golf Camps

The cost of this Summer Golf Camp program is $599 and includes:

  • 21+ Hours of Coaching
    • Eight (8) = 2-hour group coaching sessions (2 per week)
    • Four (4) = 1-hour private coaching sessions with John
    • 1-Hour Fitness Evaluation and Fitness Program Outline
  • All technology subscriptions (video, ball flight, 3D analysis, statistics, remote coaching)
  • All golf course and practice facility access fees within the program
  • All applicable taxes

Additional information

Junior Golf Performance Training Summer Golf Camp

April 18-May 9, 2023, June 20-July 11, 2023


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