Thanksgiving 2022

The Holiday Season of 2022 is now heavily upon us. And Thanksgiving 2022 is here!

As we do every year, it’s time to give thanks. I personally believe we should all give thanks every day, all year long. Our country’s only non secular holiday reminds us be thankful at least once a year.  And to thank the village of people you surround yourself with. It’s this village that impacts our lives every day.  And likewise, you impact them. And the visitors to your village you should thank as well.  You just never know if that person will become a resident of your village.  As all of the people below are an example of.

Join me in thanking my village, the people who make a positive impact upon me all year long. The people who help me positively impact you too! As we all strive to serve you at our very best, all year long. Yes, it’s time to thank everyone this Thanksgiving 2022.

Thank You John Hughes Golf Team!

Our Clients!

Without you, there would be no John Hughes Golf!  Thank You!  Thank you for your unwavering support and trust that me and my coaching staff can make you a better golfer.  Yes, you are the heart and soul of our team.  YOU are what gets us up each day to do the right thing, and give you are very best.  Not only for you. But for everyone we come in contact with. Thank You!  I hope your Thanksgiving 2022 celebration provides you the warmth and comradery of your village.

Our Coaching Staff

Alex Calcaterra, Thanksgiving 2022

Alex Calcaterra, GB&I PGA

Alex has not been with us long, but he has already made a positive impact on our clients, and our team’s perspective of our vision forward.  His “outside eyes” has assisted me with thinking about how my brand can grow. Alex is serving as our Director of Instruction and will also serve as Lead Coach for our Instant Golf Improvement Half-Day Golf Schools. He’ll also coach Hourly Coaching programs as well as Custom Coaching Programs at Falcon’s Fire Golf Club.  You’ll be in great hands with Alex as you coach.  Thanksgiving 2022, I’m thankful Alex has joined our team and is ready to assist clients of John Hughes Golf this coming season. Thanks Alex!

Lane Milligan, Matt Dauss, Thanksgiving 2022

Matt Dauss and Lane Milligan

Both Matt and Lane assisted the brand in 2022, but are no longer with us.  Both were employees of Falcon’s Fire Golf Club and both have moved on to other professional journeys.  I can’t thank Matt and Lane enough for their enthusiasm and willingness to challenge themselves.  And for their contributions to assist JHG clients this past year. Thanks Matt and Lane!

Jacob Glassmeyer, Golf Fitness, Glassmeyer Health and Wellness, Florida Golf Schools, Orlando Golf Schools, Golf Schools in Orlando, Golf Schools in Florida

Jacob Glassmeyer

What can I say about Jacob?  Since 2013, Jacob has been a consistent friend, and one hell of a fitness guru to me and many others.  If his personal journey of beating cancer twice doesn’t inspire you, then you don’t need a fitness expert, you need a shrink.  I can’t thank Jacob enough for inspiring the JHG clients he has formed relationships with in 2022.  His work and expertise is allowing our golfers the ability to understand what their potentially really is.  With a recent spine injury plaguing my potential, I can’t wait to get back at it with Jacob myself.  Thanks Jacob! And I hope Thanksgiving 2022 brings you and Yvonne a lot of joy and happiness. Thanks Jacob!

Tom Dorsel Playing Guitar, Thanksgiving 2022

Tom Dorsel, PHD

Speaking of “shrinks.” Tom has been a tremendous asset to our golfers this year.  I’m hoping 2023 brings more golfers to understand the importance of a “3rd eye”, a personal performance based perspective that has you realize there are no boundaries, just hurdles. Tom can do that for you. But for 2022, I can’t thank Tom enough for the occasional emails of wisdom and fun. And the reminders that our result based efforts are truly being seen beyond who we serve and coach.  Thanks Tom!

Our Support Staff

John HUghes Golf, Chris Siska, Thanksgiving 2021

Chris Siska/Siska Development

2022 Saw Chris continue to tweak and hone the websites of the JHG Brand.  And he created a fantastic landing page for my McLemore Golf School Experiences in May-June of 2023.  Chris is always ready with a new way of working our brand smarter.  And each idea he follows through with does just that.  Whether it is Instant Golf Improvement, the Mother Ship Website, or just an idea, Chris consistently strives to make our websites eye appealing, easy to navigate, and easily searchable.  I can’t thank Chris enough for his wisdom and expertise.  But also for his “can do” work ethic.  Thank you Chris! For a great 2022 and I’m looking forward to what you can do in 2023 to continue to grow our brand. Thanks Chris!

Rhett DeMille, Palmetto Soft

Rhett DeMille/Palmetto Soft

I’d rather be spending more time at the golf course with clients like you.  Then spending time behind the computer optimizing my website.  And as I have spent more time with you, my website lost it’s rankings.  In comes Rhett and his team to the rescue in 2022 to optimize my website, assist with content and press release creation, and other small items that keep my brand competitive within the world wide web.  My website realized results within 30-days of Rhett’s and his teams efforts.  Thanks Rhett, Kris, Christian, and Lance for the work you provide my brand.  And for pushing me harder to create great content both on the site and off.  A thankful wish for you all for fun and happiness this Thanksgiving 2022! Thanks Rhett!

Đani Peršić, John Hughes Golf

Đani Peršić

Dani is the brains behind our post video production.  The creative genius who personally built the 3 dimensional robot intro to the video tips you see. Dani has been able to lift a major time burden from me while bringing the level of professionalism within all our videos to a new level. Dani also consults with other projects from time to time. And his young eyes and creative mind has provided me and the rest of the team ideas we were not thinking about.  Thanks Dani for your contributions the past year!  Looking forward to more of your creativity influencing us all.

Our Partners

John Hughes Golf, Thanksgiving 2021, Thank You for a Great 2015, Orlando Golf Lessons, Kissimmee Golf Lessons, Orlando Golf Schools, Golf Lessons in Orlando, Golf Schools in Orlando, Golf Lessons in Kissimmee, Florida Golf Schools, Florida Golf Lessons

Falcon’s Fire Golf Club

Jason McClure and the entire staff of Falcon’s Fire Golf Club continue to make life and golf fun when I’m on property.  Jason is no longer with Falcon’s Fire, having moved on to a new professional journey so he can spend more time with his family.  I am forever grateful to Jason for seeing the vision I have for coaching at Falcon’s Fire. And allowing me the freedom to spread my wings there and succeed in more ways than one. And I have to thank M.G. Orender and Hampton Golf for allowing me to represent Falcon’s Fire for 9 years.  November 29 marks the beginning of my 10th year at Falcon’s Fire, a Thanksgiving 2022 gift I am very thankful for. Thanks Falcon’s Fire Team!


McLemore, Life Above the Clouds, Thanksgiving 2022McLemore

In 2021, I was searching for a place I can bring you, my clients, during the summer months, for a limited engagement customized golf retreat.  As I was searching, I bumped into my good friend Charlie Rymer, who introduced me to McLemore.  After some coercing, I took up Charlie and his offer and headed to McLemore in June of 2022.  Having no expectations other than to try it out, McLemore delivered and more.  Judy and I feel in love with McLemore as soon as we set foot on the property.  The clients who experienced that first visit did too.  It’s s special place!  And its within my brand will continue to grow for years to come.  I hope you can visit me at McLemore in May and June of 2023!  Thanks Charlie, Duane Horton, Tom Schreiner, Doug Amor, and the entire staff of making me feel welcome and part of your family too!

Streamsong Resort

Best of luck to my good friend and the person who opened the door for me at Streamsong, Matt Jordan, as he leads the Olympic Club in San Fransisco to new heights.  Thanks Matt, for allowing me the opportunity to take my clients to Streamsong.  Streamsong Resort remains a great partner going into 2023.  Please don’t confuse their academy schools with mine.  They are conducting limited time only “group” schools.  Through and with me, it’s 1-to-1 or 2-to-1. Within your pe犀利士
rsonal schedule, not theirs.  But I have to tell you, act fast to get your dates set.  It is getting increasingly more difficult to secure hotel rooms at Streamsong.for new career horizons.  Thanks Streamsong for a great 2022!  I’m looking forward to even better things for 2023! Thanks Streamsong!

Thankful, John Hughes Golf, Orlando Golf Lessons, Orlando Golf Schools, Orlando Beginner Golf Lessons, Orlando Beginner Golf Schools, Kissimmee Golf Lessons, Kissimmee Golf Schools, Orlando Junior Golf Lessons, Orlando Junior Golf Schools, Orlando Junior Golf Camps, Orlando Ladies Golf Lessons, Orlando Ladies Golf Schools, Florida Golf Lessons, Florida Golf Schools, Orlando Golf School Vacations, Video Golf Lessons, Online Golf Lessons, Remote Golf Lessons, Golf Video Tips, Golf Instruction OnlineFlightScope

FlightScope has been my longest and most loyal partner.  Their ability to provide the highest of quality technology within their class, to you and I, is unsurpassed.  Thank you Henri Johnson for befriending me in 2013.  I can’t wait to celebrate my 13th anniversary using FlightScope with my clients in 2023! And my 10th season serving as a FlightScope Ambassador. Thanks Henri and the entire team at FlightScope!

John Hughes Golf, Florida Golf Schools, Golf Schools in Florida, Orlando Golf Schools, Golf Schools in Orlando, Golf Lessons in Orlando, Beginner Golf Lessons, Beginner Golf Schools, Kissimmee Golf Lessons, Kissimmee Golf Schools, Orlando Junior Golf Lessons, Orlando Junior Golf Schools, Orlando Junior Golf Camps, Orlando Ladies Golf Lessons, Orlando Ladies Golf Schools, Florida Golf Lessons, Orlando Golf School Vacations, Video Golf Lessons, Online Golf Lessons, Remote Golf Lessons, Golf Video Tips, Golf Instruction Online, Callaway Golf

Callaway Golf

Thanks Jason England! For continuing to back my brand in 2022.  You’ll be missed. But welcome Scott Sullivan!  Can’t wait to share the JHG brand story with you. And continue to be a part of the Top Golf/Callaway Golf family of staff in 2023! Thank you Callaway Golf!

John Hughes Golf, Thank You for a Great 2015, Orlando Golf Lessons, Kissimmee Golf Lessons, Orlando Golf Schools, Golf Lessons in Orlando, GOlf Schools in Orlando, Golf Lessons in Kissimme, Golf Pride GripsGolf Pride Grips

Golf Pride continues to me my brand’s grip of choice.  2022 saw more golfers switch to Golf Pride than ever before.  Thanks Charlie Fisher and the team at Golf Pride for your support in 2022!  I’m looking forward to wearing out a couple of sets of Golf Pride grips in 2023! Thank you Golf Pride!

John Hughes Golf, Thank You for a Great 2015, Orlando Golf Lessons, Kissimmee Golf Lessons, Orlando Golf Schools, Golf Lessons in Orlando, GOlf Schools in Orlando, Golf Lessons in Kissimme, V1 Pro Video Analysis

V1 Golf

V1 continued to up their game in 2022, providing golfers around the world with video instruction content as well as upgrading their golfer app.  Thanks Bryan Finnerty and your staff for recognizing me as a V1 Pro Instructional Staff Member in 2022!  I admit, I was lax with assisting you this year, due to injury and client demand.  Look for me to be an active contributor to the V1 brand in 2023. Thank you V1!

John Hughes Golf, Cutter and Buck, Florida Golf Schools, Orlando Golf Schools, Orlando Golf Lessons, Kissimmee Golf Lessons, Beginner Golf LessonsCutter and Buck

Chandler Altman continues to show me how Cutter and Buck can be a bigger than life partner for John Hughes Golf.  From shipping to McLemore to finding anything in my “majestic: color that fits, I can count on Chandler and Cutter and Buck to make me and my staff look great every day.  Thanks Chandler and CEO Joel Freet for what you do for the JHG brand.  Looking forward to seeing you both very soon! Thank you Cutter and Buck!

Golf Tips magazine, John Hughes Golf, Thanksgiving 2021Ted Odorico/Golf Tips Magazine

What can I say about Ted Odorico as a partner?  Rock steady and the hardest working man in golf.  From editing my “Milestones” column to scheduling guests for his Golf Talk Live podcast, Ted never ceases to amaze me with how he keeps things moving, fresh, and engaging. Carol must be a saint!  Thanks Ted for your friendship, your support, and for allowing me the opportunity to share my passion through your media outlets.  I can’t wait to see what 2023 brings us both. Thank you Ted! Staff Member John Hughes

A new partner who brought me on staff this year.  And a tremendous addition to our clients’ improvement plans. SportsBox delivers instant 3 dimensional feedback of our client’s swings and provides objective measurement tools to see results as compared to previous swings.  Thanks Jeehae Lee, Stephanie Wei, and the entire team for including me!  My clients and I are looking forward to a productive 2023 that includes using as much as possible. Thank you SportsBox!

Thanks to My Family!

2022 saw a lot of great times and evolution for the better for my entire extended family.

My “Extend Family”

I have 5 brothers from another mother.


John HUghes Golf, Bob Geppert, Thanksgiving 2021

Bob Geppert

Bob is one of those brothers.  I’m thankful this Thanksgiving 2022 that Bob had the opportunity to move closer, running a sister course of Falcon’s Fire.  I’m thankful for being able to share a dinner with him on a regular basis again.  And for his wisdom and command of so many subjects.  Thanks Bob for sharing that wisdom throughout the years Bob!  I wish you better health this Thanksgiving of 2022. and for 2023.

Thomas Troncoso, Thanksgiving 2022

Thomas Troncoso

Brother #2, Thomas continues to create a better place to play golf and be a member at Gaston CC in NC.  Thomas and his wife, Maureen, are over the moon in 2022 welcoming their first grandchild into the world. Judy and I miss seeing and creating great memories with Thomas and Maureen.  Hopefully, 2023 will provide an opportunity to do just that.  Happy Thanksgiving 2022 Thomas, Maureen, and family! And Thanks!

Steve McMillen, Thanksgiving 2022

Steve McMillen

Steve is another brother in a funny sort of way.  He continues to lead the North Florida PGA Section to 犀利士
new standards, new experiences, and new opportunities.  My role as a volunteer leader is a lot less than it used to be, when I helped hire Steve in 2018.  Hard to believe Steve has been influencing me in more ways than 1 for 4-years.  But I can honestly state Steve has influenced me as a person more than he realizes.  And has always fulfilled my one and only request, keep me educated so I can be knowledgeable to assist him along the way. I wish Steve and Phyllis a fun Thanksgiving 2022!  And an even better year in 2023.  Thanks Steve for always keeping me educated!  And for being there when I did not know I needed you there.

JEan Perpillant, Thanksgiving 2022 Vacation Golf Schools, McLemore

Jean Perpillant/

Jean’s role in JHG grew in 2022.  And is the 4th brother I never had. I can’t thank his wife, Nicole enough, for allowing Jean to travel with me this year.  Jean’s creativity and energy has transformed the JHG brand continuously throughout the years.  But none more than 2022. From his business mentoring to his creative eye behind the video camera, Jean is always willing to try new things. Along with his full-time job and hanging out with me, Jean serves his own client base, assisting many people around the country with personally branding themselves and insuring their engagement efforts are seen and converted. And Jean’s golf game got a little better in 2022 as well.  Hope he gets our more in 2023.  In the meantime, check out what Jean and I create on my YouTube Channel. And thanks again Jean for standing by me during the lean years!  I told you it would get better!

Ed Fulford PGA, John Hughes Golf, Golf Instructor, Golf School Specialist, Callaway Golf Tech Rep, Certified Golf Instructor

Ed Fulford, PGA

Last but not least is the big brother I never had.  Ed was there when I needed him in 1996.  And has never left my side since. in 2022, Ed adapted to all the flexing of scheduling and programing we needed to accomplish for your improvement. Thank you Ed! Thank you for being more than a friend and a Godfather to Jack.  And thank you Lisa!  For sharing the simplicity and charm of Ed with me and my family for all these years.  You guys occupy a special place in our hearts!


Lacey and Family, Thanksgiving 2022

Lacey, Jarrod, MacKenzie, and Mason Councill

2022 was another on the go year for the Councills.  From travel soccer to baton, to new vacations destinations, no dust settles on their watch.  You also know the exact right moments to keep Nana in line. Happy Thanksgiving 2022 to the Councills!  2023 is sure to be a special year for us all.  Love you all!

Lauren and Family, Thanksgiving 2022

Lauren, Corey, Carson and Cayleigh Griffin

2022 was a great year for the Griffins too! And Lauren continues to shine as the person behind the email blasts and social media posts you receive. And the occasional levity needed to keep me sane. Having her and Corey at the PGA Show in January made a big difference for Lauren and our entire team. It fueled a small fire within her brain she didn’t know she had. And she’s been a rock star ever since for my brand.  But more importantly, she knows exactly when she needs Carson (the “C-man”) to call me to remind him, “I have an eye on you.” Cayleigh’s vocabulary now includes golf lingo and the occasional mimic of Mom when Canva is not working to her satisfaction.  And Corey’s new professional journey has provided him the opportunity to be with his family more often in a quality way.  Love you Lauren, Carson, Cayleigh, and Corey.  Thanks for being there!

Siblings, Thanksgiving 2022

Bill, Linda, Jim

I’m the oldest, with 2 bothers and a sister sandwiched between them.  When you’re young, you don’t appreciate their gifts to you and how those gifts shape your future.

I’m thankful for my brother Bill (not pictured).  I wish him peace, love, and serenity in his daily search for each as he continues to fight his demons.  All 3 of his siblings share the fight with him.  And hope one day he sees what he truly offers the world and his daughter.

I’m thankful for my sister Linda’s patience and calmness.  She inherited that from Dad.  We caught up 3 times this year.  More than any year in the past 10+.  Her visit to McLemore this past Summer confirmed I’m on the right track.  Thank you Linda for allowing me to be me.  And for sharing your family with me.  Your steadiness is the rock of your family and is contagious to us all.

I’m thankful for my youngest brother Jim and his family.  Although I have not communicated with his daughters in a long time, Jim shares Angelita and Gabe with us all the time.  And I am thankful the “G-Man” lets me influence him from time to time.  I’m thankful for Jim’s continuous way of looking at the world as a glass half-full.  And for his comedic ways to communicate how he intends to fill the glass.  He knows the exact moment to call you, whether you realize it or not.

Happy Thanksgiving 2022 Bill, Linda, and Jim!  And your families! Sharing the world with you is a privilege I’ll always respect. Love you all!

John Hughes Golf, Thanksgiving 2021, Mom and Dad

Mom and Dad

I asked for a new picture of them to include in this post.  And they sent me an even older one than this one.  Bullet point to myself for 2023; get to see them and get a new pic with me in it!

Mom and Dad celebrated their 1st anniversary recently at their new residence.  They’re having a ball.  Dad continues to fight back against Parkinson’s Decease and plays golf to a competent level for an 82-year old young man, a couple times a week.  Mom does her thing.  Cards, lunches, reading, and meeting new friends.  And the tradition continues, texting her entire family, kids, spouses, and grand kids, every night, wishing us all a good night and great tomorrow.  Thank you both for being who you are for us all! “Love you both” is how I end weekly phone chats with them.  Appropriate for this post as well.  Love you both!

Jack Hughes, Thanksgiving 2022


Jack, you continue to make yourself proud each day.  And inspire me daily to give it 100%.  I hope you are thankful to yourself, and seeing your efforts are molding and shaping you into the man you’ll become.  I always told Jack to “make himself proud”.  That others experience his efforts and in turn be proud to call him a friend, a brother, and a son. He’s taken that phrase in 2022 and began his real adventure.  Moving to a new and bigger city, all on his own. Taking a pay cut to do so. But getting a promotion inside of 90-days to more than make up for what he lost to move. I wish we could spend more time together.  But thankful we began a new tradition for us both, taking a Father-Son vacation each year.  Can’t wait to see where 2023 takes us. I love you buddy! And wish you a Thanksgiving 2022 that creates memories for you for a life time.

Judy Hughes, Thanksgiving 2022


Always save the best for last.  Last year she kept my eyes open in the pic I shared in last year’s Thanksgiving post.  This year, I opened her eyes to a lot of things, I think. Sometimes she’ll admit to that.  And sometimes she won’t.  But after really looking at this pic we took this Summer, overlooking the 18th at McLemore’s Highlands Course, maybe we both envision things in the present and future. In any case, Judy keeps me straight when needed.  And backs down when I need the space to be me.  Thanksgiving embodies the meaning of giving thanks without entitlement, or repayment. And sharing what you have plenty of. Thanks for sharing me Judy!  With all the people mentioned in this post and then some! Happy Thanksgiving!  And Love You Too!

Always Be Thankful!  Not Just One Day

I hope the experiences, the people, and the memories you make this week you’ll be thankful for.  For the rest of your life!  But insure that as each day passes, you’re thanking someone for the smallest of gifts or thoughts.  One day a year is not enough to be thankful.  and to treat each other with respect.  We need to toss away the constant berating and belittling of each other. And be more thoughtful and thankful that the person we are attacking in our rage and irrational judgements may be just the person you need in your village to make your village a better place.  And you a better person because they are part of your village. Being thankful brings all of us closer. Being thankful provides everyone an open mind to solve the smallest, and the biggest of issues.  At home and around the world.

My wish for us all is to be thankful every day.  And to live a life that recognizes the small things that make us proud of ourselves.  Only then will you lay your head to rest each night with the serenity, tranquility, and peace, knowing you thanked someone along the way to assist your personal journey.

Happy Thanksgiving 2022!

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