Will golf lessons help me is a common question I’m asked when speaking to a prospective new client.  Whether they are wanting to book a golf lesson or golf school in Orlando, or a golf school at Streamsong Golf Resort, its a fair question to ask me if you’re choosing me as your new golf coach.

If you’re considering taking golf lessons in 2022, you’re reading the correct post!  I can speak from authority about this subject.  In 2021, I personally provided my clients over 1750 hours of golf coaching.  And have records to prove it.  If you do the math, that’s roughly 6-hours a day, 6 days a week, that I was either at the practice facility, on the golf course, or on a Zoom call assisting one of my clients from around the world.

It doesn’t matter if you’re seeking a quick tip or long-term sustained results, if you’re considering golf lessons in Orlando or a golf school in Orlando this year, then keep reading. These 10 frequently asked questions about golf lessons should assist you with determining if golf lessons will help you.

Will Golf Lessons Help Me, Really?

Yes, if you commit to yourself.  Yes, if you have a purpose to improve.  Absolutely, if you practice in between golf lessons.  And yes, if you take seriously and implement the phrases “Less is More” and “Quality vs. Quantity” into not only your golf lessons, but also your practice sessions after experiencing a golf school in Orlando, or anywhere else.  Without committing to yourself and practicing after the fact, you’re just wasting time.

Are Golf Lessons Worth It?

The answer is a resounding YES!  So long as you have these key thoughts in mind.

  1. Are you taking lessons for you and your enjoyment of golf?
  2. Are you committed, even in the smallest of ways, to follow through after golf lessons and be able to practice what you learned?

No matter what skill level you are, from beginner to professional level, these 2 critical ideals have to be in place for you to get the most out of any golf lessons you take.

How Often Should I take Golf Lessons?

For golf lessons to be effective for you, you need to have practice time in between golf lessons.  For my Florida golf academy clients who are more committed to their games then others, I always recommend 3-5 “good” practice sessions.  Good is relative to each golfer.  Good to the average golfer is simply defined as practice sessions that allow you to “feel” differences in how you swing versus just seeing a result.  You need to tie the 2 together, feeling and seeing, for your next golf lesson to be productive.

When Should You Take Golf Lessons?

A great question I get asked a lot by parents of junior golfers.  The same answer(s) apply to adults asking the same question about themselves.  You should commit to taking golf lessons when:

  • You have exhausted all possibilities of solving our golf swing issues yourself.  In the case of parents and kids, when you can’t answer a question your junior golfer asks you.
  • When your life priorities afford you the asset of time to dedicate to your golf skill improvement. And your commitment level is genuine to the process.
  • When you have an open mind to discovering what you can truly achieve and understand that trial and error is part of the process.

These and other items will determine if you’re ready to accept guidance in your skill development. Take an inventory of who you are, what time you have to commit to taking golf lessons, and determine if you can see real results over

Will I get Worse?

NO!  You don’t get worse, you get confused.  Unless you don’t put the time and effort into yourself to improve.  In that case, you did not get worse, you did not improve.

If you put the time and effort into improving your golf game, your brain gets confused as to which swing you should use to hit any shot.  It takes time for your brain to understand the small differences between what you current do within your swing versus what you’re attempting to improve within your swing.  You can learn more about this process by reading a post I published about consistency and what it takes to be more consistent with skill development.

During an improvement process, you may see a score or 2 increase 2-4 strokes.  The increase will be a direct result of the practice you’re putting in to the 1 big improvement focus your golf lessons are about.  If you experience a dramatic increase in score, it’ an indication you’re attempting to practice your golf lesson while playing golf. Shame on you for doing that to yourself.  Go out and play with the skills you possess.  And allow practice time to slowly but sustainably ingrain your improvement.

When will Golf Lessons Not Help Me?

Believe it or not, there are times when golf lessons will not help you. If you can confidently say yes to any of these points, then golf lessons are just not for you:

  1. Are you already playing at the level you want?
  2. You don’t have the time to practice on your own.
  3. Are you taking golf lessons for the wrong reasons, i.e. for someone else?
  4. You don’t like being told what to do.

When are Golf Lessons a Good Fit for Me?

Find a golf instructor that mirrors your style of learning. You may prefer a golf instructor who uses a lot of technology.  You may prefer a golf coach who allows you to do your thing, with minimal suggestions, so you can learn from your mistakes.  Some golfers prefer a specialist, a golf instructor who is great at one particular aspect of golf skills.  No matter your style of learning, I feel certain you will find a quality golf coach who can tailor instruction to your style.  This in turn will lead to sustainable results for you.

When do Golf Lessons not Work?

If you do not have a positive mindset or are not willing to change your attitude about your game… lessons will not work. Golf lessons are not for you if you are already playing at the level you want. Lessons won’t work if you do not have the time to practice on your own. Golf lessons are not for you if you don’t like being told what to do. Or, if you are taking lessons for the sake of someone else (ex: I want to share more time with my spouse).

Bottom line is golf lesson will not work for you if you have prejudicial views and opinions about golf and golf instruction that interfere with cognitive and motor skill learning.

How will Golf Lessons Work Best?

Don’t be too proud to take lessons. The short answer is that it is probably always a good idea to take a lesson once in a while. Even if in your past you received 3-4 lessons gold lessons from a good golf coach, taking a golf lesson can sometimes remind you of ideas and basics that address your tendencies.  The occasional golf lesson can give you some ideas on a more efficient way to spend your practice time on the range so that you can actually put productive work in on your swing.

Ultimately, golf lessons work best when you’re mind is open to new ideas and you’re ready to make a commitment to see just how far you can take your skill improvement.

How Long will it take to Realize Results from Taking Golf Lessons?

Answer, as long as it takes to ingrain the 1 and only new skill you are attempting to improve.

All too often, amateur golfers attempt to make their skills miraculously appear on the golf course.  They do this by using the golf courser, while attempting shoot a certain score, to practice their skill development.  Either you’re playing golf for a score, or your on the course practicing.  You can’t do both at the same time.

It’s important to understand that golf lessons do not have to incorporate many facets of your game.  In many cases, just focusing on one major aspect of your skills can cure other smaller aspects.  Want to find out more about how long it could take, just read about Declan Ward and the path he and I have taken with his golf coaching.


I have a great golf lesson FAQ ready for you.  It contains lots of other questions you may be asking about taking golf lessons.  Just Click Here and you can find out more about golf lessons and almost any information you’ll need to make your 2022 golf season a success when you take golf lessons. I hope you consider me and my team at my Florida Golf Academy to provide you golf lessons in Orlando or a golf school in Orlando.

Will golf lessons help me is a valid question.  But ask yourself a few questions before embarking on a journey of skill development and motor skill improvement.

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