Why You Should Take a Golf-Themed Vacation

by | Feb 16, 2022 | Golf Vacations

It’s true that the act of planning a vacation can be even more stressful than the work you are trying to escape from. One type of vacation that we highly suggest is a golf-themed vacation. They are easy to plan and are very rewarding. The focus is stress-free leisure time. This blog post will cover all the reasons why you should take a golf-themed vacation.

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There Are Many Options

The best places to have your golf-themed vacation are in Florida, Minnesota, Ohio, and New York. However, Florida is recommended above them all. There are many resorts within Florida that are welcoming to everyone. You can book the majority of locations through websites and choose a package that works best for you. Whether you only want to stay for two days or two weeks, something perfect is out there for you ready to be booked.

When getting a break from the world, Florida is the place to be. In fact, visiting golf schools in Florida, like the one offered by John Hughes Golf, are being attended by an increasing amount of people every year. It’s where the best golf schools are. If Florida isn’t your thing, that’s okay. Again, there are a lot of options to consider. This type of vacation is seriously increasing in popularity.

It’s More Affordable Than You Might Think

While many people believe that enjoying golf requires a fancy lifestyle, this couldn’t be further from the truth. While it’s true that deluxe country clubs and the sort aren’t fit for everyone’s budget, going to local courses as well as planning a golf-themed vacation don’t need to break the bank to be amazing experiences.

No one likes coming home from their vacation just to find out that they spent more money than they intended to on their trip. Now, the best way to combat that problem from happening is to look out for package deals. This way, you know exactly what you are getting for your money. One of the best parts of getting a package deal is that there are typically many amenities included.

Improve Your Golf Skill

As you continuously go to the same courses and work on the same moves, you are sure to get better, but the speed at which you improve slows down when you stay in your comfort zone. When you go on a golf-themed vacation, you will experience new holes in a new atmosphere. The best way to improve your golf skill is to book your stay near golf schools in Florida. This way, you can combine the new holes and atmosphere with an instructor who will make determinations based on your current skill level on what to practice and show you the way.

It’s Healthy

Going on vacation lets people unwind and take a small break from their regular routine. You can finally recharge your batteries and feel all refreshed when you return back home. Unfortunately, the majority of vacations involve a lot of sedentary time just lounging around. While this can be nice, it can break good habits that you have formed back home with eating right and exercising. It can be extra hard to return home once you get too comfortable with a new routine of just kicking back and eating and drinking whatever you want. Scientists have written a study in 2016 linking long-term obesity to vacations.

With a golf-themed vacation, your leisure time is your active time. Playing on the course and practicing your game is very healthy for your body, and as long as you aren’t eating terribly or consuming large amounts of alcohol regularly, you will be more than fine as you enjoy every part of your vacation.

The Locations We Recommend

We’ve established that Florida is the best place to go for your golf-themed vacation. This is partially because golf schools in Florida are the best in the country. The other part is due to its history in golf, rich atmosphere, and the fact that it hosts the best golfers around. But where should you go?

Two locations that we recommend are Falcon’s Fire Golf Club and Streamsong Resort. These are both owned by John Hughes Golf and you can also get customized golf lessons when you visit. Contact us for more information.

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