Everyone seems to be in a much more thankful mood these days, especially after what we have globally experienced during 2020.  John Hughes Golf is no exception.  I’d like to take just a few moments of your time to tell you what I’m thankful for today, and why.


Thankful for COVID

Yes, you read this correctly.  I’m thankful that we have all had to put our collective hats on the past 8+ months and solve a problem that affects us all, not just individually.  I’m always looking at the glass being half-full, and if you’re doing better than surviving during this extraordinary time in our history, your glass is half-full, whether you realize it or not.  None of us are thankful it happened, and it is taking many lives along the way.  But sometimes if takes more than the individual strengths of one person to combat a negative force.  And when that happens, we’re all in a better place.

I’m also thankful for COVID because I lived through it in September.  For 11-days, I suffered through fevers that brought on migraine headaches and sometimes severe vertigo.  The intestinal discomfort was not pleasant.  Nor was the the 20+ day lingering staph infection on my back after testing negative and being cleared.  But what I am thankful for is the 20+ pounds I lost along the way.  I’m making a concerted effort to keep them off along with some other pounds being shed going forward.  I’m also thankful of the time I spent realizing what is and what is not priority during those 11+days.  Those thoughts are cultivating a renewed emphasis to keep life peaceful and sane, no matter the circumstance.

Thankful for My Existing Team

Since 2013, I’ve been working hard as a solo entrepreneur to make a go at the branding and operation of John Hughes Golf.  I think I’ve done okay.  But it does take a “behind the scenes” team of support resources to make any solo effort work. So I want to take this time to shout out “Thank You” to the people who have gotten me this far, whether they realized they were on my team or not

Falcon’s Fire Golf Club

To Jason McClure and the entire staff of Falcon’s Fire Golf Club.  You guys make life and golf fun.  Thanks for 7+ years of allowing me to share that fun with golfers.

Streamsong Resort

To Scott Wilson and Matt Jordan and your entire staff.  Thanks for allowing me the privilege and opportunity to show the world what this special place is all about.


Henri Johnson and his entire staff were the first people to have my back in 2013 when it was time to do my own thing.  I can’t thank Henri, Madeline Nel, Alex Trujillo, and Tyler Burnett enough for their ongoing support.  Look for more great things from FlightScope and myself in the coming months and years.

Callaway Golf

Thanks to my local rep, Jason England, who allows me to make early evening “House Calls” to his home to pick up demo clubs or parts for my clients to try.  And thanks to the entire team in Carlsbad, CA for providing me the best golf equipment on earth.  It’s a privilege to be part of the Callaway Golf family of staff professionals.

Golf Pride Grips

Charlie Fisher and the team at Golf Pride keep my hands feeling great while swinging my clubs, no matter the club.  Golf Pride has been there from the start and I’m grateful for their long-time commitment to John Hughes Golf.

V1 Golf

Bryan Finnerty and his entire staff make virtual golf communication easy.  Thanks for expanding your brand recently making my job even easier.

Cutter and Buck

I can’t look my best without the assistance of Joel Freet and the entire staff of Cutter and Buck.  And thanks to my local rep, Chandler Altman who in 2013 supplied me with my first logoed shirts because he had faith in me and the vision I had at that time.

Russell Kirk Photography

Once I have the clothes on, it’s Russell who knows exactly where to put me in the Golden Hours of Sun to bring out my best features.  From the start, Russell has provided his expert eye in helping craft the images you see within the website, the social posts I share, and the written pieces within Golf Tips Magazine.

Golf Tips Magazine

Rick Sessinghaus and Vic Williams provided me an opportunity to share my passion for golf coaching.  I can’t thank them enough for their patience and support.  And I thank current owner, Ted Odorico, for the opportunity to continue to contribute to the publication as a Senior Editor.  The years to come should be a lot of fun.

Thankful for the New Additions to My Team

For John Hughes Golf, and IGI (pay attention to social media this week) to grow and succeed, it will take a new team of individuals to assist me.  I knew at some point I wanted my brand to grow.  Just like planning to start a family, there is no perfect time to do so.  That being said, there’s not better time than the present to start.  Along with the existing team, here are some new faces that will help JHG and IGI grow into the future.

Jean Perpillant/JPDesignTheory – Thank You

Jean is not a new member of the team, he may be one of the oldest members of the team.  It was Jean that from Day 1 who fixed my website when I broke it, showed me tricks and skills to building a better website, and was always there to share a laugh.  Jean is fast becoming a resource for all things digital including directing, producing, and being behind the camera when we shoot Golf Tips Magazine videos and JHG YouTube videos.  He’s also been instrumental in the vision of IGI as a brand new golfer.  Jean will continue to play an integral part of the growth of JHG and IGI.  Look for him to also be in front of the camera soon.

Chris Siska/Siska Development – Thank You

I think I’m finally done working on websites for 20+ hours a week.  Chris has been a true gentleman and craftsman to be around the past few months.  Chris has made practical and creative contributions to the JHG website as well as taking my verbal explanation of the vision of IGI and made it real.  It will be a lot of fun to collaborate with Chris in the future as we grow both brands.

Jordan Hawkins/Craft and Draft Design – Thank You

I met Jordan a few years back when she was employed full-time at a golf travel company.  Her video and digital media production assistance was invaluable then.  Jordan’s expert consulting in all things digital will quickly be noticed within the IGI brand as it springs to life in 4-days.

Thankful for My Family

Last but not least is family.  How can you not be thankful for family?  No matter how much they annoy you from time to time, it’s family that provides the “Elmer’s Glue” that holds it all together. I have an extended family, so please be patient.

Extend Family of Friends – Thank You

I’m afraid of leaving someone out if I list anyone here.  Whether a neighbor next door, a long distance neighbor, or someone I cross paths with and share passions with, thank you.  You know how you are and if you want to, leave your name below in the comments section so I never forget (haha).

Bob Geppert and Thomas Troncoso – Thank You

These 2 gentlemen have known me at my best and my worst, and they’re still talking to me.  Amazing.  They’re golf brothers, great family men, and individuals of quality.

Steve McMillen – Thank You

Over the past 3+ years, it was Steve that made me look good, and made my life easier serving the ladies and gentlemen members of the North Florida PGA Section.  The consummate professional, I’ll always consider Steve as a member of my family.

Ed Fulford – Thank You

Without Ed, I would not be where I am today.  Ed coached me through more than my Playing Ability Test 26+ years ago.  Ed has been there when I did not know I needed him.  A big brother of sorts, and an objective opinion when needed.

Lauren Griffin and Family – Thank You

Lauren is one of my “bonus daughters,” who with 2 little ones at home has agreed to become my “Social Media Guru.”  We both know next to nothing about expanding the exposure of the JHG brand on social media.  But it should be a fun ride.  Lauren has already made a significant positive impact through social media for the brand, and it’s been noticed.  It’s going to be fun having her on board for the roller-coaster rides of the future for JHG.

Lacey Councill and Family -Thank You

Lacey is my other “bonus daughter,” and her job, whether she’s realized it or not is keeping her Mother from blowing a gasket from time to time.  That’s not a one man job and I have Lacey to thank for making Judy’s phone ring at just the right moments.  And Lacey has no idea she’s doing so.

Bill, Linda, Jim – Thank You

Not many people know I’m the oldest of 4.  And too many people have reminded these 3 that I am throughout the years.  My siblings and their families have always been a great resource of inspiration and warmth.

Mom and Dad – Thank You

My Mother and Father have always been there to support my efforts, no matter how convoluted they may have sounded to them.  Dad continues to inspire me living with Parkinson’s Disease and walking many holes of golf each week, a warrior every day.  Mom is there to support Dad and finds her peace texting all 9 grandchildren, all 3 spouses, and all 4 of her kids nightly, to say goodnight.  What a peaceful way to end each evening.

Jack and Judy (alpha listed for safety reasons) – Thank You

I’ve documented both my son and spouse over the years, and their contributions to the success of JHG.  As much as they tell me I have patience, its their patience that keeps the train engine fueled.

Be Thankful

As you experience the events of today, and the future, remember there is a lot to be thankful for and of.  Just take a quick inventory of the people closest to you.  As you do, don’t be surprised if the list continues to grow.  Mine did.  And let’s go forward thinking about not how you can individually conquer a difficult task, but how the team you surround yourself with simplifies how you can consistently conquer the unconquerable.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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