Take Time to Say “Thank You” to Those Who Make Golf Possible for You

It takes more than just you to reach your golf goals.  Golf is a selfish sport by the nature of the game, you against the golf course; the proverbial you against the world scenario.  Golf finds you facing situations and problems you must conquer with every shot.  No matter what your skill level the game is about challenging yourself to overcome adversity to play your best.  And as your skills improve, the challenges, situations, and problems do not get any easier, they get more complex, because the circumstances grow in perspective as well as outcome.

But along the way, we find allies to assist us with the journey of conquering golf.  Are you taking the time to recognize your team of supporters and saying “Thank You” to them in a sincere and regular basis?

Most everyone finds a great golf instructor to assist them with swing mechanics.  Some of you may have a personal trainer, a nutritionist, a sports psychologist, or other specialized professional assisting you.  However, whether your realize it or not, there is a team of professionals that are much closer to you that provide the foundational support, structure, and encouragement that without, you would be nothing, family.  Trust me when I tell you, without them, your golf game and your life would not be worth experiencing.  Saying Thank You to these individuals is most important.

2014 North Florida PGA Section Bill Strausbaugh Award

2013 was a great year for me in regards to peer recognition.  During the Annual North Florida PGA Section Awards Extravaganza and Celebration this past Saturday evening, I was totally surprised and honored once again by my Peers, the Members of the North Florida PGA Section, as their recipient of the 2014 Bill Strausbaugh Award.  The award recognizes a PGA Professional’s contributions to other PGA Professionals from an employment and mentorship standpoint, as well as activities outside of the golf community.  I did Saturday evening, thank you to all the Professional Members of my team throughout the years who allow me, to be me, and do what I do.  Thank you to the PGA Members I have come in contact with through the years for allowing me to share with you the experiences of the profession.  Thank you to Patrick Setzer, Summer Wisdom, Kimberly Dull at the Appalachian State Alumni Association in Boone, NC and Andy Braun here in Orlando for allowing me an opportunity to lead, enjoy, and give back through the activities of Central Florida Mountaineers.  And thank you to the other associations, organizations, and people who provide a canvas from which I can assist everyone to paint the picture they want to create.


Team Hughes

Thank You Team Hughes 2014 NFPGA Bill Strausbaugh Award Recipient

But most importantly, Thank You “Team Hughes,” who without their support and sacrifice the efforts I make for others would not be possible.  These two individuals provide my canvas as well as the brushes, utensils, and color pallet of paint I use to go through life.  Both are artists themselves and find ways to help me as well as other people.

Judy is passionate about her profession, having spent many years as a nurse in the Obstetrics and Gynecological specialties of medicine.   There is not a day goes by that there are stories of joy and happiness from her daily routine that positively infects the people she works with and spends her free time with.  Judy’s love for the game and community of golfers has created life long relationships for us both that we are thankful to call our friends.  If it were not for her love of people and the game of golf, our household would be boring.  And I have to thank her for allowing me using most of our kitchen table as my desk the past few years.  I guess there is an ironic symbolism to that and hope she understands that I am truly appreciative of the sacrifices she makes for me and the people we both touch.

Jack is learning everyday the values of surrounding yourself with a great team of supporters and the constant commitment of giving back.  But most importantly, taking ownership and control of what you can while not worrying about what you can not control.  The way I describe that to him is, “Make Yourself Proud.”  He truly makes me proud.  The other night Jack made a post on his social media page stating he is very proud of me.  That post, on its own, made me think about the influence we as golfers have on everyone we come in contact with.  Golf is a game Jack enjoys and competes at, as well as baseball.  I can say with all truth and candor that I have never pushed him to the sport of golf.  He has gravitated towards it due to the challenges the sport provides.  He has also created countless friends through golf and he continues to foster new relationships from the encounters he has on and off the golf course.  I hope one day he too finds golf as an avenue to give back to community and his family, and has fun playing the sport the rest of his life.

Judy and Jack,

By true definition of this award, the two of you are recipients of the award as well.  Although not on stage with me Saturday evening, I hope this post of perpetuity leaves lasting memories for each of you and recognizes your contributions to the true spirit of the award.  To both of my “Coaches,”


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