Why Golf’s ArmAlarm


ArmAlarm unlocks your full golfing potential by creating one of the key components of all great golf swing.  You’re alarmed if you need to make the improvement.

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ArmAlarm will unlock your golfing potential. Get two game-changing training aids with one purchase (ArmAlarm and WristAlarm).

ArmAlarm gives real-time feedback on one of the most critical aspects of the golf swing…arm structure.

Keeping your elbows close to each other throughout the swing pulls the rest of the swing together. Don’t take our word for it… read Ben Hogan’s Five Lessons.

  • Chicken wing? Flying elbow on backswing? Pulling your hands in at impact? If this is you, ArmAlarm is the answer.
  • ArmAlarm beeps instantly when your elbows separate in your swing.
  • Adjustable length tether and straps to accommodate all sizes and abilities.
  • Includes WristAlarm that beeps if you flip or scoop.
  • You can even use it on the course…until your buddies whine about how good it makes you!
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee – Increase your swing speed and consistency in weeks or send it back for a full refund
  • Same-day processing for orders placed before 3PM PST


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