Junior Golf Performance Training Summer Golf Camp


If you’re Junior Golfer is wanting to play better golf or has committed to play tournament of school sanctioned golf, you need to consider our Junior Golf Performance Training Summer Golf Camps.


Summer Golf Camps – A Comprehensive Junior Golf Training Program

This 6-week Summer Golf Camps program includes two (2) 90-minute classes each week, with 3 skills coached, practiced, and tested each class.  All class participants will learn and improve their golf skills within these major areas of focus:

  • Speed – Using ground forces, mechanical sequencing and athleticism to increase their overall clubhead speed.
  • Club Face Control, Accuracy, and Shot Dispersion.
  • Controlling Trajectory, Spin, and Distance with each golf club.
  • Mastery of scoring clubs featuring the basic principles of each short game shot as well as advanced strategies of chipping, pitching, greenside bunkers, and specialty shots around the green.
  • Basic and advanced putting techniques including green reading, distance control and practicing putting under pressure.
  • On-Course Coaching to transfer skills from practice to practical application.

Class participants can also opt to add private coaching to their program.

Learn with Objective Data Captured by Our Technology

The program will include the use of technologies that objectively capture ball flight and club path monitoring, ground force measurement, and 3D swing analysis.  Each participant will receive video documentation of their experience through our dedicated video analysis platform and mobile app.

Performance Training Schedule

  • June 11 – You get to schedule an individual appointment with our coaches who will perform a complete skills evaluation and TPI Fitness Screening. Parents are encouraged to attend.
  • Classes begin June 15 and are scheduled every Wednesday and Saturday for 90-minutes, through July 16.

Who is Eligible to Participate?

  • Orlando area Junior Golfers, ages 10-13 and ages 14-17.
  • Classes limited to 6 golfers per age group (wait list will apply)
  • Ages 10-13 meet at 9am each class day
  • Ages 14-17 meet at 11am each class day

Cost of our Summer Golf Camps

The cost of this Summer Golf Camp program is $499 and includes:

  • 18-hours of group coaching
  • Access to the practice facility at Falcon’s Fire Golf Club throughout the entirety of the program
  • Discounts on green fees at Falcon’s Fire Golf Club (subject to availability)
  • Free access to dedicated mobile apps used within the program
  • Program Goodie Bag

Add private coaching hours to your program at the following increments and rates

  • 5-hours – $525
  • 10-Hours – $900

Additional information

Junior Golf Performance Training Summer Golf Camp

6-Week Program 10-13 Years Old, 6-Week Program 14-17 Years Old


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