John Hughes Golf Offers Holiday Specials

Nov 16, 2022

John Hughes Golf Offers Holiday Specials

Nov 16, 2022


John Hughes Golf, based in the Orlando, Florida region, has become very popular with Florida residents and visitors alike who are interested in improving their personal golf skills while exploring the best Orlando golf resorts. With the coming of the holidays, John Hughes offers special pricing on golf schools, retreats, technology tools, and equipment. These specials are perfect for giving golf enthusiasts the gift of personalized coaching and instruction from highly experienced golf teachers in a beautiful setting. Most of the specials from John Hughes Golf become available on Black Friday or Cyber Monday of 2022.


Each holiday season, John Hughes Golf announces a number of deep discounts on its most popular events, services, merchandise, equipment, and statistics/analytics software designed to help golf students trim strokes from their game. As 2022 nears an end, current and new students of John Hughes Golf can choose from a range of different offerings to make 2023 their best golf year yet.

One of the biggest events upcoming for John Hughes Golf is the McLemore Golf Experience, taking place between May 16 and June 18 of 2023. Golfers can book their dates now for this intensive golf school at a beautiful setting, and Black Friday specials are in effect through November 25, 2022. Details and your ability to secure your exact dates are now available through the organization’s website,

Golf instructional events in Central Florida are also discounted during John Hughes Golf’s Cyber Monday offers. From single-hour golf lessons to customized 3-day golf schools and everything in between, these flexible and personalized programs are incredibly valuable for golfers who are looking to concentrate on a specific aspect of their game and get expert coaching on it. As a versatile option for giving the gift of a golf school without exact dates established yet, John Hughes Golf also offers gift certificates that can be printed, packaged, and presented during the holidays and redeemed after the holidays.

The President and CEO of John Hughes Golf, John Hughes, aspires to make the organization’s website the go-to resource for golfers who are interested in technology, equipment, and other tools to help them build their skills after their one-on-one golf school has concluded. With this goal in mind, John Hughes will also be offering significant discounts on statistics software, swing aids, digital platform subscriptions, and other powerful tools. Golfers should keep an eye on the website starting on Black Friday and Cyber Monday to find out what is on sale and how they can prepare to become better golfers in 2023.

While winter brings unfavorable golf conditions in most of the country, in central Florida the courses stay open year round with great weather and great turf conditions. John Hughes Golf looks forward to welcoming visitors from further north each winter. With the discounts on golf schools and coaching sessions coming up this holiday season, those visitors can make the most of their trip to Florida by booking a session with John Hughes or with one of his other great instructors at one of Orlando’s incredible golf resorts. More information and details on what each golf school includes are available at

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