Right now, you’re not a client of John Hughes Golf.  But we want you to become a new client of John Hughes Golf by making this potential new client offer to you.

With Golf School season right around the corner as well as anticipating the next few months as being the busiest we’ve ever experienced, it’s important you schedule you’re coaching program now to ensure availability of the dates and times you want to secure for your schedule.  This potential new client offer is being offered only once and for a limited time. Be sure to act fast.

Potential New Client Offer for Hourly Coaching

I’ve added Ed Fulford as a staff instructor beginning November 15.  Check out Ed’s bio by clicking here.  Ed is available for hourly coaching and we’re offering you a chance of receiving fantastic coaching from one of my mentors at a great rate.  Ed’s normally hourly rate is $125 an hour.  But you can secure an hour’s lesson with Ed for $110 an hour if you pay for the lesson before November 30 and schedule the lesson between November 15, 2021 and February 28, 2022.

John’s hourly lesson rate will increase January 1, 2022.  And his availability to schedule 1-hour lesson with you will be limited to one day a week beginning in 2022.  If you prefer taking a 1-hour lesson with John it’s best you schedule the lesson now at his normal rate of $200 an hour.

1-hour lessons include the use of video and focus upon a single aspect of your game.  We’ll most likely examine your set up position and provide you a drill to assist with swing movement improvement. To schedule an hour long lesson with me or Ed, please email us or call us to make those arrangements.

Potential New Client Offer for Golf Schools

We also added a Half-Day Golf School Program that begins November 17. Half Day Golf Schools are 4-to-1 group golf schools that touch on the basics.  3-hours is spent each morning on the range with Ed or another JHG Staff Instructor showing you how you can improve your game. Lunch each day on your own is included within the rate as well as 18-holes of golf each afternoon with your fellow golf school classmates at Falcon’s Fire Golf Club.  Fun is what this program is all about.

As a potential new client of John Hughes Golf, I’d like to offer you the opportunity to experience this new program at a special rate.  If you have 3 other friends who can join you, and all 4 of you register for the same class at once, I’ll provide your entire group a 10% savings on the total tuition of your class as well as throw in a special item within the golf school goodie bag you’ll receive. In order to receive this offer you must register all 4 golfers at one time before November 30, 2021 as well as schedule and attend your Half-Day Golf School program before January 31, 2022.

To schedule and register your 4 golfer Half-Day Golf School Program, CLICK HERE and use promo code “newclient4” at checkout.

Potential New Client Offer for Custom Coaching Programs

Custom Coaching Programs is far and away the most popular program offered by John Hughes Golf because it is the best value.

Custom Coaching starts on the course with a 3-hole evaluation. What we find on the course about your real skills under real circumstances is combined with objective data using FlightScope as well as other technologies to create a customized improvement plan that allows you to reach your potential.

Custom Coaching Program rates will increase January 1, 2022 for John, Ed, and our other JHG Staff Instructors.  Take advantage of the opportunity to receive 10% off any Custom Coaching Program of 5-hours or more with John or Ed when you pay for the program in full by November 30, and schedule your evaluation and first coaching session before December 31, 2021.  Call 407-852-8547 or email us to take advantage of this offer.

Operation 36 Programs

When you register and pay for any Operation 36 program before November 30, 2021, you can receive 10% off the program rate.  This offer is good for any Operation 36 Junior Program or Adult Program. Use promo code “Op36%” at check out.

Will there ever be another Potential New Client Offer like this one in the future?

Not likely.  Due to schedule limitations as well as practice facility size and usage, all program rates will increase January 1, 2022.  We may offer a new client promotion in the future, but not at the rates we’re offering you now.  It’s best you take advantage of these rates to insure you are grandfathered into your rate for years to come.

How do I Secure my Potential New Client Offer?

Simple.  Follow the directions provided above for the program you want to schedule and secure.  Or contact us by November 30, 2021, by email or by phone.

Thanks in advance for changing your status to being a “Client” of John Hughes Golf!

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