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Each month, John Hughes Golf’s Video Tip of the Month provides you with a useful golf tip that will instantly improve your golfing skills.

April 2020

At an early age, we all learned to count to “2”.  We tend to take for granted that we can count past 2. But we fail to realize how important counting to 2 can be for your golf game.

Learning to count to “2” can make all the difference between a making and missing a putt.  The anxiety you feel during any putt sometimes places your body parts in positions that are inconsistent, in turn creating inconsistent putting.  Stepping back in time remember to count to 2 is so simple to do, but often times forgotten.

April 2020’s Video Tip of the Month is about the simple act of counting to 2.  If you’re anxious on the course, especially around the greens, this tip is for you.  Counting to 2 will improve your putting stroke instantly.  When you count to 2, you’ll stabilize body parts you weren’t aware were unstable.  Counting to 2 will also provide you a sensation of confirmation and accomplishment you’ve never thought of using before.  And, with all the time you have now being isolated indoors, counting to 2 can certainly assist you while you’re looking to maintain or improve your skills until you can get back to the course.

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