December 2023 Client Accomplishments

by | Jan 11, 2024 | John Hughes Golf School

Due to the holidays, December was again a quiet month for clients of John Hughes Golf. But there was a couple notable year end finishes. All in all, it was a festive 2023 as well as a festive December 2023 Client Accomplishments month.

Lev Grinberg, Junior Ryder Cup, September 2023 Client Accomplishments, December 2023 Client AccomplishmentsLev Grinberg, Belgium

Lev experienced an outstanding December in the States with a T29 at the South Beach International Amateur Championship. And a T7 at the Orlando International Amateur Championship.


Reagan Grimm, John Hughes Golf

Reagan Grimm, Orlando, FL

Was named “Player of the Year” in her age group on the Top 50 Junior Tour.Finished 1st Overall 3rd at the final Orlando Under Armor Junior Tour event finished 3rd overall in the Fall Standings.



The December 2023 Client Accomplishments blog post could have included you.  All you have to do is let John know about your accomplishments. Whether it be a hole in one, a great finish at a tournament, a personal best in a category, or another achievement you’re proud of. Contact  John at to let him know what you accomplished. Or contact John if you want to learn more about how you can experience a golf accomplishment you’ve want to achieve.  We’re committed to improving your golf skills and assisting you to achieve your Client Accomplishment. And you can see my commitment by the achievements our clients accomplish on a regular basis.

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