Breaking 100 – Embrace Your 3 Wood

For my April 2024 blog post, we’re continuing the series of “Breaking 100” with a secret weapon of sorts. A club that you may not value as much as you should. And a club that can lower your scores simply by keeping your shots in play.  The secret weapon I am referring to is your 3 wood. And when you visit my golf academy in Orlando with the mission of breaking 100, we begin with why 3 wood is your best friend in that process.

I have many clients who tell me the driver lets them bomb it down the fairway! It sure can. But for most golfers aiming to break 100, the driver is a recipe for disaster. If you mishit your shots with a driver more than 50% of the time, you’re dealing with lost balls, penalty strokes, and a soaring score. What good is being way down the fairway, but off to the sides in trouble?

Your 3 wood is a more forgiving club that you can control more often. When a client comes to John Hughes Golf with the specific goal of breaking 100, we do so by choosing 3 wood over drive so you can conquer the course and shave strokes. Why?

To Find More Fairways

The smaller clubface of a 3 wood is simply easier to square up at impact, meaning straighter shots and fewer trips into the rough. Finding the fairway more consistently translates directly to fewer penalty strokes and more manageable second shots.

To Build Confidence Off the Tee

Stepping up to the tee with a 3 wood boosts your confidence. You know you can make solid contact and get the ball in play, eliminating the pre-shot jitters that can plague drivers. A confident swing leads to a smoother stroke and better results.

To Produce Distance You Can Use

Don’t underestimate the distance a well-struck 3 wood can provide. Modern 3 woods are designed for power, and most golfers can reach plenty of par 4s and even some par 5s in two with a good swing. Remember, consistent distance you can control is far more valuable than an out-of-bounds driver blast.

How Can You Make the Switch from Driver to 3 Wood to Break 100?

To incorporate the 3 wood into your game, you must have an open-mind as you consider these ideas to make the switch easier for your heart and your mind.

Tee It LowerEmbrace Your 3 Wood, Breaking 100, John Hughes Golf, Golf Academy Orlando

Unlike the driver, a 3 wood typically requires a lower tee height to promote a clean strike. Experiment to find the sweet spot for you.

Focus upon Balance

A huge part of my coaching philosophy hinges upon balance.  When visiting John Hughes Golf at The Omni ChampionsGate Resort or at McLemore Resort, you better believe we’ll be focusing a lot on how you dynamically balance your swing.

A balanced swing is key to maximizing distance and accuracy with any club. Practice maintaining your posture and weight distribution throughout your swing.


Believe in this club! With a little practice, you’ll be surprised at how reliable and valuable it becomes in your bag.


When attempting to break 100, it’s all about managing yourself and the golf course. It’s not about pure power. Embracing the 3 wood, you’ll find more fairways, gain confidence, and ultimately, shoot lower scores. Ditch the driver! And see how a 3 wood can help you break 100 for good!

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