Junior Golf Boot Camps

A Great Way to Prepare for your Upcoming School Golf Season

In Central Florida, the school golf season starts with tryouts around August 1. For some Junior Golfers, making the team comes easy. For others, making a school golf team is an intimidating experience. That’s why I am conducting Junior Golf Boot Camp this summer, so you are prepared to not only make the team, but contribute to the team too.

What is Junior Golf Boot Camp?

Junior Golf Boot Camp features both individual and group instruction, as well as regularly scheduled skill challenges that replicate the same pressure conditions a Junior Golfer will experience during tryouts. Junior Golf Boot Camp will include:
1. An initial Skills Evaluation – both Full Swing and Short Game Skills are evaluated using state of the art technology to provide an objective measurement of your current skills and identify those skills you can focus on intensely for 3-4 weeks to increase your chances of being more competitive during this year’s school golf season.
2. An On-Course Evaluation – Decision Making and Self Management on the course with your current skills are evaluated to identify your strengths while recognizing new ideas and concepts to play better with the skills you already possess.
3. One 1-Hour Private Lesson Weekly – Each week you’ll work with John to design an implement an improvement program, based on the priorities identified through the evaluations, to provide a better opportunity for you to be a more competitive Junior Golfer this season.
4. Supervised Practice Sessions – join John and the other Campers for regularly scheduled Practice Sessions at Falcon’s Fire Golf Club. Supervised Practice Sessions provides you an opportunity to work on the drills you and John agreed will assist you with reaching the skill level you desire while making new golfing friends who share a similar interest, being the best Junior Golfer they can be.
5. Amenities – You can choose to add other amenities to your Camp experience, such as a range membership to Falcon’s Fire Golf Club so you can practice more often at an affordable price, a fitness evaluation, or a sports psychology evaluation.

How do I Register for Junior Golf Boot Camp?

Junior Golf Boot Camp begins July 1 and is limited to 8 Junior Golfers who are looking to get an edge on their fellow competitors. For more information – CLICK HERE.  To receive a customize rate and/or to register for Junior Golf Boot Camp, please call John at 407-852-8547.

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