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Junior Golf Boot Camp

The Best Way to Prepare for Junior Golf Competition

Trying to make your high school golf team or college golf team?  Needing a competitive advantage to play better during tryouts? Looking to improve upon your previous year’s performance? Or do you want to win your next Junior Golf Tournament? What you need is the intensity of a complete improvement program, a Junior Golf Boot Camp.

What is a Junior Golf Boot Camp?

Junior Golf Boot Camp is a customized 6-week coaching program designed to make you a better and more competitive Junior Golfer. We’ll identify the strengths of your game.  Together we’ll identify the areas of your game we can significantly improve.  On the course we’ll address your ability to handle pressure situations.  And we’ll utilize all resources necessary to make you a better Junior Golfer.

Along the way, John will coach and support you. And together, we’ll create the best possible plan for you to be as competitive as your potential allows, no matter what your reason for playing competitive Junior Golf. Together, we’ll improve your chances of winning more junior golf tournaments, making and contributing to a school golf team, or rising to an elite level that showcases your talents.

You can customize your Junior Golf Boot Camp experience to include more or less weeks or days of coaching, as well as include additional services.  Regardless of your reason to want to improve, your individual experience will be unique to your specific needs.

What will I experience?

  1. To create your improvement plan, you’ll take part in an objective skills test evaluation covering all aspects of your game:
    1. Using FlightScope, BlastMotion, and other technology resources, you’ll objectively test and measure your skills at the Practice Facility.  From those test, we’ll create a baseline from which we’ll measure your technical skill improvement;
    2. We’ll then head to the Golf Course.  You and John will evaluate your decision-making skills, and your ability to handle pressure situations.  Your score is only a part of what we’ll be evaluating;
    3. Afterwards, You and John will sit down for an initial consultation.  We’ll prioritize your personal improvement and skill development plan.  And we’ll develop a schedule that provides you the best possible chance to reach your potential in time for your tournament season or to make your High School Golf Team. If you know you’ll make the team, our schedule and plan will make you a better contributor to your golf team’s success.
  2. During your 6-week program, your experience includes:
    1. One (1) 90-minute private lesson each week for 6-weeks with John using FlightScope, V1Pro, BlastMotion and other Resources ($1350 Value)
    2. Ability to attend regularly scheduled Supervised Practice Sessions at Falcon’s Fire Golf Club (2x Weekly/$300 Value)
    3. On-Course Instruction ($300 Value)
    4. Equipment Evaluation and Fitting ($150 Value)
    5. A Two (2) Month Range Membership giving you unlimited access to practice and improve ($400 value)
    6. Bi-Weekly Objective Skill Testing to Measure Progress
    7. John will attend at least one of your Qualifying Rounds
    8. Discounted Golf Fees at Falcon’s Fire Golf Club (times and days determined by FFGC)
    9. You can also include at an additional cost the following services:
      1. Fitness Assessment and/or Gym Membership
      2. Sports Psychology Assessment and/or Sports Psychology Session


When can I start and where is it located?

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Provide your Junior Golfer the very best chance to be competitive this season by enrolling in a Junior Golf Boot Camp. Space is limited.

Junior Golf Boot Camp begins 6-weeks prior to when you want to be at your peak performance level.  That date can differ based upon where you live and what your competitive Junior Golf plans might be. Falcon’s Fire Golf Club is the Host Facility for the John Hughes Golf Junior Golf Boot Camp.

Who can attend?

All Junior Golfers, male or female, over the age of 12, wanting to be more competitive.  Junior Golf Boot Camp can help you make your middle school or high school golf team.  Or if you’re an elite Junior Golfer, you will become a more competitive Junior Golfer.  In either case, you’ll gain a competitive edge over other Junior Golfers.

What is the Availability?

Due to the intense nature of the program and the need to provide quality instruction to those Junior Golfers who committed to play their best, availability is limited availability.

What is the Fee for Junior Golf Boot Camp and how do I register to attend?

The base rate for Junior Golf Boot Camp is $1200, based upon a 6-week program.  The total fee of your experience can differ based upon how you customize your program by choosing more or less weeks/days, as well as any additional services you choose to include.


To inquire about more details, a customized individual rate quote, or register for Junior Golf Boot Camp, contact John Hughes directly at 407-852-8547 or email John at John@JohnHughesGolf.com

Contact John to Find Out More about Junior Golf Boot Camp or to Register Your Junior Golfer. Space is Limited!

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