Junior Golf Performance Training

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The Best Way to Prepare for Junior Golf Competition

Is your Junior Golfer trying to make their high school golf team? Or have aspirations to play college golf? Is your Junior Golfer struggling to find a competitive edge to get them to the next level and perform at their potential? To improve upon their previous year’s performance? Or win their next Junior Golf Tournament?

What your Junior Golfer needs is the discipline and details of an improvement program that identifies their precise improvement needs while holding he or she accountable to their own goals and ambitions.  That is what our Junior Golf Performance Training Program is all about.

What is Junior Golf Performance Training?

Junior Golf Performance Training is a customized 4-week coaching program designed to assist and support your Junior Golfer’s efforts to become more competitive and better skilled. We’ll evaluate these strengths on the golf course, where there is the most pressure for your Junior Golfer to perform. We’ll identify the strengths of your Junior Golfer’s skills, while crafting a customized improvement plan around your junior golfer’s competitive goals and specific improvement needs. And we’ll utilize all resources necessary to assist your Junior Golfer with becoming a more competitive player.

All coaching within this program is conducted by John Hughes, PGA Master Professional of Instruction and 2023 North Florida Section PGA Teacher/Coach of the Year.  For the past 30+ years, John has coached current and past NCAA Division I golfers. As well as elite junior golfers who all have earned multiple wins around the world.

Together with John, you’ll assist with creating the best possible plan for your Junior Golfer to reach their competitive potential. Your Junior Golf will improve their ball striking, short game, putting, on-course decision making, and fitness level. In turn, increasing their chances of winning more junior golf tournaments. Making and significantly contributing to a school golf team, or rising to an elite level that showcases their talents.

What will Your Junior Golfer Experience?

A Comprehensive Skill Improvement Program

This 4-week program includes eight (2 per week) 2-hour group coaching sessions with 4 other competitive Junior Golfers. And four 60-minute private coaching sessions (1 per week/Total Coaching Time = 21-hours including fitness assessment). All class participants will learn and improve their golf skills within these major areas of focus:

  • Speed – Using ground forces, mechanical sequencing and athleticism to increase their overall clubhead speed.
  • Club Face Control, Accuracy, and Shot Dispersion.
  • Controlling Trajectory, Spin, and Distance with each golf club.
  • Mastery of scoring clubs featuring the basic principles of each short game shot as well as advanced strategies of chipping, pitching, greenside bunkers, and specialty shots around the green.
  • Basic and advanced putting techniques including green reading, distance control and practicing putting under pressure.
  • On-Course Coaching to transfer skills from practice to practical application.
  • Fitness – A fitness assessment is conducted the 1st class of each session to design a fitness program unique to your Junior Golfer’s fitness needs.

No More Guessing! – Learn and Improve Using Measured Objective Data

The Junior Golf Performance Training Program includes the use of technologies that objectively capture ball flight and club path monitoring, ground force measurement, and 3D swing analysis. As well as enhance your Junior Golfer’s ability to practice more effectively. All technology subscriptions are included within the cost of the program.

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When are the 2023 Junior Golf Performance Training Sessions Scheduled?

  • April 18-May 9, 2023
  • June 20-July 11, 2023

Classes are Tuesday and Friday afternoons. Individual coaching sessions are scheduled once a week within the program dates you choose.

Who can Attend?

Junior Golfers desiring to be more competitive between ages 12-18.

What is the Availability?

Due to the nature of the program and to permit proper scheduling of individual coaching sessions, each Junior Golfer Performance Training session is limited to 5 competitive Junior Golfers.

What is Included within a Junior Golf Performance Training Program and how do I Register my Junior Golfer?

Each 4-Week program includes:

  • 21+ Hours of Training
    • Eight (8) = 2-hour group coaching sessions (2 per week)
    • Four (4) = 1-hour private coaching sessions with John
    • 1-Hour Fitness Evaluation and Fitness Program Outline
  • All technology subscriptions (video, ball flight, 3D analysis, statistics, remote coaching)
  • All golf course and practice facility access fees within the program
  • All applicable taxes

For more details about the Junior Golf Performance Training program, pricing, and to register you Junior Golfer, contact John Hughes directly at 407-852-8547 or email John at John@JohnHughesGolf.com

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