Junior Golf Performance Training

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The Best Way to Prepare for Junior Golf Competition

Trying to make your high school golf team or college golf team? Needing a competitive advantage to play better during tryouts? Looking to improve upon your previous year’s performance? Or do you want to win your next Junior Golf Tournament? What you need is the intensity of a complete improvement program

What is a Junior Golf Performance Training?

Junior Golf Performance Training is a customized 6-week coaching program designed to make you a better and more competitive Junior Golfer. We’ll identify the strengths of your game. Together we’ll identify the areas of your game we can assist you with improving. On the golf course, we’ll address your ability to handle pressure situations. And we’ll utilize all resources necessary to make you a better Junior Golfer.

Along the way, John and his staff of highly experienced and knowledgeable Coaches are there to support you. Together, we’ll create the best possible plan for you to reach your potential as a competitive junior golfer. No matter what your reason for playing competitive Junior Golf. You’ll improve your ball striking, short game, putting, and on-course decision making. In turn, you’ll increase your chances of winning more junior golf tournaments, making and contributing to a school golf team, or rising to an elite level that showcases your talents.

You can customize your Junior Golf Boot Camp experience to include additional services and private coaching. Regardless of the reason you to want to improve, your individual experience will be unique to your specific needs.

What will I Experience?

A Comprehensive Skill Improvement Program

This 6-week program includes two (2) 90-minute classes each week, with 3 skills coached, practiced, and tested each class. All class participants will learn and improve their golf skills within these major areas of focus:

  • Speed – Using ground forces, mechanical sequencing and athleticism to increase their overall clubhead speed.
  • Club Face Control, Accuracy, and Shot Dispersion.
  • Controlling Trajectory, Spin, and Distance with each golf club.
  • Mastery of scoring clubs featuring the basic principles of each short game shot as well as advanced strategies of chipping, pitching, greenside bunkers, and specialty shots around the green.
  • Basic and advanced putting techniques including green reading, distance control and practicing putting under pressure.
  • On-Course Coaching to transfer skills from practice to practical application.

Class participants can also opt to add private coaching to their program.

Learn with Objective Data Captured by Our Technology

The program will include the use of technologies that objectively capture ball flight and club path monitoring, ground force measurement, and 3D swing analysis. Each participant will receive video documentation of their experience through our dedicated video analysis platform and mobile app.

Performance Training Schedule

  • June 11, 2022 – You schedule an individual appointment with our coaches who will perform a complete skills evaluation and TPI Fitness Screening. Parents are encouraged to attend.
  • Classes begin June 15 and are scheduled every Wednesday and Saturday for 90-minutes, through July 23.

Who is eligible to participate?

  • Orlando area Junior Golfers, ages 10-13 and ages 14-17.
  • Classes limited to 6 golfers per age group (wait list will apply)
  • Ages 10-13 meet at 9am each class day
  • Ages 14-17 meet at 11am each class day

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When can I Start and Where is it Located?

Junior Golf Performance Training begins June 11, 2022 and concludes July 23, 2022.

Who can Attend?

  • Orlando area Junior Golfers, ages 10-13 and ages 14-17.
  • Classes limited to 6 golfers per age group (wait list will apply)
  • Ages 10-13 meet at 9am each class day
  • Ages 14-17 meet at 11am each class day

What is the Availability?

Due to the intense nature of the program and the need to provide quality instruction to those Junior Golfers who committed to play their best, availability is limited to 6 junior golfers per class.

What is the Fee for Junior Golf Performance Training and how do I Register to Attend?

The base rate for Junior Golf Performance Training is $499, based upon a 6-week program. You can also add private coaching to your training in 5-hour blocks of time.

To inquire about more details, a customized individual rate quote, or register for Junior Golf Performance Training, contact John Hughes directly at 407-852-8547 or email John at John@JohnHughesGolf.com

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