Junior Golf Academy

Is your Junior Golfer trying to make a high school or college team?  Or, trying golf for the first time?  No matter the reason your junior is playing golf, we design our Junior Golf Academy and Junior Golf Lesson Programs around one ideal, FUN!

Junior Golf should be fun, both on the Golf Course and at the Practice Facility.  And no matter the skill level.  Each Junior Golf Lesson and Junior Golf Instruction Program encourages the Junior Golfer to challenge themself to learn their potential.  And develop the skills needed to succeed.

Why Choose the John Hughes Golf Junior Golf Academy?

John Hughes and his staff have a combined 60+ years of junior golf coaching, at all skill levels.  John’s extensive background as a junior golf instructor includes coaching aspiring and elite Junior Golfers.  As the Lead Instructor at the International Junior Golf Academy, John served as the Director of the IJGA Junior Golf Camps each summer.  Under his leadership, IJGA Junior Golf Camps became the #1 golf camps for juniors in the nation.

During John’s 30+ years of being a golf instructor, he’s coached many elite junior golfers to numerous tournament wins.  He’s also assisted many to obtain collegiate golf scholarships and become a contributing member of their college golf teams.  A few played for NCAA National Championship teams.  And some currently play the PGA and LPGA Tours.  One even went on to win a US Open title.

Results Matter

John and his team of certified PGA Professionals can certainly assist your Junior Golfer reach their potential, no matter what your Junior Golfer’s goals, through our Junior Golf Academy programs. And our individual attention, and our proven track record of Junior Golf Academy success, is why you should choose John Hughes Golf.

John and his group of elite golfers at the IJGA., 2003. This group of golfers won 32 tournaments that year and had over 100 top 10 finishes collectively.

Junior Golf Instruction Programs

John Hughes Golf and our Junior Golf Academy offer a variety of Junior Golf Instruction Programs.  We design each program to the many different skill and interest levels of Junior Golfers.  From beginner to elite, our Junior Golf Lessons and Junior Golf Instruction Programs promote self-assurance and confidence.  Each create an inviting environment for skill development, sportsmanship, and competition competency.  Each program allows your Junior Golfer to grow at his or her own pace.

Operation 36 Junior Golf Classes

Held weekly in the afternoons, Operation 36 Junior Golf Classes is a small group class.  Each class focuses upon developing confidence and having fun on the golf course.  The entire program engages the absolute beginner.  In addition, the entire program can take your junior golfer as far as they want to go.  Each week’s class features a specific skill. We use games to reinforce and measure skill improvement.  Twice each month, you escort your beginner junior golfer to the golf course.  From a specific yardage, your Junior Golfer plays 9-holes.  The opportunity and goal?  A realistic opportunity for your junior golfer to shoot “36” or better. Operation 36 Junior Golf Classes is a cost effective and fun way to introduce golf to your aspiring junior golfer.

Junior Golf Lessons

Private Junior Golf Lessons focus on 1 area of your Junior Golfer’s skills.  We emphasize sound fundamentals.  And we prioritize skill improvement based upon your Junior Golfer’s abilities and goals.  We encourage parents to watch, learn, and support their Junior Golfer during each golf lesson.

Junior Golf Camps

We schedule Junior Golf Camps during summer months and extended holidays.  Week long golf camps for juniors feature small class sizes.  This insures your junior golfer receives individualized attention while mastering the basic skills needed for success on the golf course.

Junior Golf Performance Training

This 6-week summer program is designed for the Junior Golfer looking to make big improvements in their game.  You learn what it takes to be more competitive, making better decisions, becoming a better ball striker, and mastering short game shots.  This program is customized around each Junior Golfer’s specific improvement needs. Click Here to learn more.

Elite Junior Golf Academy Memberships

We design each this program individually with each advanced or elite Junior Golfer we serve. Junior Golf Coaching Programs provide additional services not offered in other programs and have limited availability. Benefits include tournament preparation, caddie services, technology use, and fitness training.  We also provide other benefits as needed within this program for your junior golfer to reach their goals. And all Elite Junior Golf Academy Programs are custom designed by the Junior Golfer and parent, to insure the Junior Golfer has all the resources necessary to achieve their objectives.

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