deWiz Golf Swing Analyzer



deWiz is groundbreaking technology that can make massive improvements to your game.  It analyzes your swing and provides you instant access to data that can immediately make a difference in modifying and permanently improving your swing motion.

  • deWiz is developed by world-class coaches and Major champions and used regularly on all the major world tours
  • Real-time analysis of 13 different data points provides instant knowledge of the skills you can improve the most
  • Patented Learning Stimuli allows you to learn faster and with more retention

deWiz is a lightweight wearable device on an ergonomically designed, high-quality wristband. It is lighter than standard smartwatches and of course, it’s stylish too! You also get a convenient USB charger so your deWiz never runs out of energy before you do.

Product Specifications

Material (housing): Plastic (PA12)

Material (strap): Silicone

Material (metal parts): Stainless steel

Weight: 44g

Battery life: 7h

IP class: IP67

Connectivity: Bluetooth®

Smartphone compatibility: iPhone® and Android™

Temperature range: -10°C to +50°C

Altitude range: Up to 2000m

Other: Do not submerge in water


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