A Golf School FAQ

What are and Why Should I go to a Golf School?

John Hughes, PGA Master Professional of Instruction, has created this Golf School FAQ.  It should help you with the sometimes frustrating challenge of finding the right golf school for you.  This Golf School FAQ should also answer the questions that many golfers ask about golf schools.  The answers for each question come from the accumulated knowledge and experience of John’s 30+ years of golf instruction.  For over 20 years, John served as golf instructor at world ranked golf schools or served as the National Director of Instruction for a a multiple location golf school. John answers the questions that many golfers ask about why someone should go to a golf school.

Our Golf School FAQ breaks through the confusion and simplifies the process of finding the right Golf School in Florida for you.

In general, Golf Schools are a bigger commitment than taking a Golf Lesson from your local Golf Professional.  But there are advantages to attending a Golf School Program.  Please read our Golf School FAQ if you’re seriously considering purchasing and participating within a Golf School. John Hughes Golf’s Golf School FAQ provides you an opportunity to learn a lot about Golf Schools.  What a Golf School experience should be and what to expect.  But most of all provide you confidence and comfort making the correct purchase for you.  If you have a suggestion to add to the Golf School FAQ page, please contact John and he’ll do his best to post your question as soon as possible.

What is a Golf School?

A Golf School is a Golf Lesson that lasts much longer than an hour and could include multiple days of instruction. Typically, a Golf School is located at a Vacation Resort facility that you visit. But some golf schools are held at private and public golf courses. During a golf school, you can work on the mechanics of the golf swing more intently.

A typical day at a golf school will consist of 2-6 hours of instruction. Some of the golf instruction could occur on the golf course.

What are the Differences Between a Golf Lesson and a Golf School?

Golf Schools are more expensive than traditional Golf Lessons. Basically because of the additional time devoted to instruction and any related travel costs. Typically, Golf Schools are 3-6 hours in length. The extra time allows time to cover a broader range of skills. Golf Schools can include a meal or 2, as well as On-Course Instruction. And Golf Schools are a more intense way to develop a holistic improvement plan.

Why Participate in a Golf School?

Typically held at nicer golf facilities, a Golf School Program can provide you with a lot more information than a Golf Lesson can. This is because a Golf School Program can last between one and 5+ days in length. Each day you can concentrate on a different aspect of your golf game. And most likely, you’ll get to play golf at one if not more golf courses than you normally have access to.

How Much does a Golf School Program Cost?

Rates for Golf Schools vary based upon numerous factors.

When accessing the rate of a golf school to determine if it is cost effective for you, you should ask:

  • What is the location of the Golf School Program?
  • Is it a half-day or full-day Golf School program?
  • How long does each day of the Golf School last?
  • Am I required to take a minimum amount of days of golf school?
  • Are accommodations required? If so, is that price included.
  • Meals, are those included? If so, how many?
  • Does the rate include any fees owed to the golf course?
  • Am I paying for a “group” Golf School or a 1-to-1 Golf School?

Do realize that other amenities included within a golf school package could drive up the cost of golf school. As well as any additional customization requests you want included within your Golf School package.

What’s the Difference Between a Group Golf School and a 1-to-1 Golf School?

Within a Group Golf School, you’ll be paired with other golfers who are attending the same session or dates you attend. Typically, a Group Golf School Format consists of 3 or more people in a group. Sometimes you’ll share Instructors with other Groups attending the Golf School at the same time. And sometimes a Group is instructed the entire time you spend at Golf School by just 1 Instructor. Also, Group Golf School instruction formats tend to be more generic in nature, to accommodate a wide variety of skilled golfers who may attend. Group Golf Schools are normally lower in cost than other Golf School formats.

A 1-to-1 Golf School, you should expect to have 1 Instructor working with you the entire length of your Golf School experience. Within a 1-to-1 Golf School format, instruction is totally customized to your individual needs and is not based on an itinerary to accomplish something at a given time. 1-to-1 Golf Schools are more expensive. But some golfers, especially more advanced golfers, feel the individual attention to specific skill improvement needs is worth the price.

Will my Golf School Instructor use Video during my Golf School Experience?

Video has become a standard offering for Golf Schools to use with their students. You should expect your Instructor to use some type of Video Analysis to assist you with seeing and understanding your swing habits, while also assisting with understanding how the drills or exercises you are performing will improve your swing habits.

Do Golf Schools use Swing Aids?

Not all Schools use Swing Aids, although most do. Some Golf Schools use Swing Aids that were invented by their Instructors, while others use Swing Aids out of materials you can replicate at home. If a Golf School does use commercially produced Swing Aids, chances are they will ask you to purchase those aids before your departure, to insure your improvement plan remains consistent when you return home.

What should I Expect when I Participate in a Golf School?

Each Golf School sets its own expectations and ideal offerings for you. Use those expectations provided you by the Golf School as a guide to measure if you’re receiving what you purchased or more. The Golf School Program should address your personal needs and provide you with personal time with the Instructor(s) to improve your skills. Your Golf School experience should provide you an understanding of the areas you can improve the most as well as a detailed plan to make those improvements when you return home.

How Often should I attend a Golf School?

For some golfers, attending a beginning of the season Golf School is an annual occurrence, as it helps prepare a golfer for the upcoming season. Other golfers attend once. How much you enjoy a Golf School as well as being able to measure your improvement when attending, along with your budget, will ultimately determine how often you attend a Golf School.

How should I Prepare for My Golf School?

Higher quality Golf schools will provide you with a pre-arrival checklist, along with a “Golfer Profile” to complete before your arrival. You should also check the weather forecast before departing for your Golf School experience to insure you are bring the appropriate clothing with you. Also, some golfer will ship their clubs to their Golf School destination rather than travel with their clubs, eliminating the extra bag fees and the bulky heavy golf bag to carry.

Additionally, be sure you are in the proper shape to last the entire length of your golf school program. Getting physically in shape for your program allows you to be fresh every day of your program and prevents injury.

Do I Need Golf Clubs to Participate within a Golf School?

No. But if you’re going to make any investment of time and money to attend a Golf School, it’s in your best interest to use your own clubs. Doing so will eliminate any uncomfortable feelings you’ll have with using a rental club set or the even greater chance of feeling uncomfortable with your clubs when you return home.

What is a Golfer Profile?

A Golf Profile is a questionnaire that you complete prior to your arrival to a Golf School. The information you provide within the profile assists Golf School personnel with preparing for your arrival as well as the content of skill improvement you are desiring.

What I should I do After My Golf School?

If you are committed to make the time and financial investment in attending a Golf School, then you should be equally committed to practicing the improvement plan provided to you by the Golf School you attended. Without practice upon our return home, the investment of time and money you spent participating in a Golf School is wasted.

How do I receive the Best Benefit from attending a Golf School?

Be sure you fully understand the improvement plan you and your Golf School Instructor created prior to your departure. Be sure you can contact the Golf School or you Instructor if you need additional follow-up as you execute your improvement plan. Be ready to commit practice time on a regular basis to work your improvement plan. And be patient with your overall sustainable improvement, as creating and repeating new habits within your practice swing can sometimes take weeks or months based upon the amount and quality of time you spend practicing.

Do Golf School Programs include Accommodations?

When required to stay at the golf school location, accommodations are normally included within the price. Some golf school programs include the price of accommodations when you request it being included. Most all golf schools offer their programs as a “commuter” program, allowing you to pick whether or not you stay somewhere close when attending a golf school program.

What is a Commuter Golf School?

A “Commuter” Golf School program does not require you to stay at any specific accommodation location when attending a golf school. You get to choose where you stay.

Is there any Follow Up after I attend a Golf School?

You can always schedule additional golf instruction time with the golf school you attended after the conclusion of your golf school program.

Most lower priced golf school programs do not include follow up after your program. This is because of the extra time need to assist you properly after the conclusion of your golf school program.

Higher priced golf school programs normally provide follow up after your program at no additional cost. Some golf schools limit the amount of follow up to a specified time frame after your program ends. Others offer additional follow up through a monthly or yearly subscription program.

Can I Improve My Golf Game without going to a Golf School?

Yes, you can improve your golf skills without attending a Golf School. However, the experience of a Golf School may be the intensity of instruction and improvement you need to realize the immediate and sustainable improvements you are seeking.

How do I Choose the Best Golf School for Me?

Choosing the correct Golf School for you is more about fulfilling your expectation list while doing so within a financial budget and/or your ability to travel. Another factor that some golfers consider is who they want as an Instructor at a Golf School.

What Happens if it Rains during my Golf School?

Most golf schools have a rain or bad weather policy. You should ask about this policy before you purchase a golf school program.

Most golf schools will wait for the rain to end and continue where you left off that day. Most golf schools will also reschedule any time lost to any additional days left within your golf school program. Should there not be any additional days left in your program, most golf schools will either provide you a credit to come back or refund a prorated amount off of the rate you paid.

If I choose a Group Golf School, who will be in the group with me?

When you attend a group golf school by yourself, the golf school will most likely pair you with other golfers who are interested in attending the same date as you. Each golfer comes with their own personality and will most likely have a different skill level and their own unique reason for attending a golf school. Sometimes, this could lead to unforeseen issues. To insure you do not experience any personality or skill conflicts with other golfers, it’s always best to bring friends with you to fill the group class. When you do that, you know and accept each other’s personalities and skill sets.

Are Golf Schools Worth It?

If you’re looking for a VIP Golf School vacation experience, hoping to getting a jump start to your golf season, or want to improve a particular skill you want to focus upon for a longer duration of time, a golf school is definitely worth the time and the cost. Attending a golf school provides you a chance to see and realize your improvement each day. Most golf school participants come away from their experience having learned more than they anticipated, which is a bonus.

What is the Best Golf School?

  1. John Hughes Golf
  2. The Alex Fisher Golf Academy
  3. Bob Byman Golf School
  4. Barry Clayton Golf School
  5. Golf Academy at Sea Pines

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