I’m an educated person, I believe you are too. If I ask you what 2+2 equals, you know the answer mathematically. But when giving golf lessons in Orlando at Falcon’s Fire Golf Club, or at The McLemore in Lookout Mountain, GA, 2+2 does not always equal 4.  It’s important for you to understand that 2+2 equals something else to you as a golfer.  And you must understand what each “2” means before you can solve the equation of your golf swing.

What I Experience

I see many golfers in rapid fire mode all the time at the practice facilities of Falcons Fire Golf Club and at The McLemore.  And when visiting other Orlando golf resorts. From a golf coach’s perspective, we call those golfers “rake and hitters.” Meaning, the golfers are raking a ball over to hit it, before the one they just hit lands somewhere in the range. These golfers will never realize what either of the “2’s” mean within their golf game.  Which is why the ball flight of each of their shots is erratic at best.  And why new clients continue to ask me for more consistency. And why they can’t understand why their golf shots fly in the manner that they do. The rake and hit mentality is why 2+2 does not always equal 4 for your golf game, or golf swing.

What are the “2’s”?

Whenever I’m with a brand-new client, it’s important to me that my clients understand how their brain learns. Using the simple equation of 2+2=4, they can better understand how each of the 2’s within the equation of their golf games means different things. Because 2+2 does not always equal 4, related to your golf swing.

Imagine your golf swing being a very long algorithm. The algorithm contains mathematical calculations of how you set up and how you swing. The first part of the algorithm always Represents your setup. It by itself is its own long algorithm comprised of five major parts. The 5 are: how you aim, how you balance, your ball position, your posture, and your grip. The second part of your golf swing algorithm is the swing itself. It does not have as many parts as you’re set up. But it’s highly dependent upon how you set-up.

If the setup part of your golf swing algorithm varies every time before you swing, your swing must change or compromise. And therefore, the simple equation of 2 + 2 does not ever equal 4 in relation to how the ball flies.

Let’s explore each part of your golf swing algorithm. So, you can better understand the components that produced your ball flight. And in turn what your 2 + 2 equation equals.

“2” Number One – Set Up and Aim

The biggest reason why 2+2 does not always equal 4 in your golf swing is how you set up. And how consistently you set up comprises the first “2” in your golf equation. It’s The largest part of your golf swing algorithm. And it is highly dependent upon the first variable within that part of the equation. How you aim.

How you aim and where you aim will dictate the balance of this part of your golf swing equation. Why? Because your brain believes you to be on a straight path from the ball to the target. It’s a simple geometric line of point A to point B. And if your aim is creating a Point C, your brain now must compromise the balance of your setup positions to compensate for where you’re aiming.

I’ve written quite a few blog posts about aim, and alignment. It is undoubtedly the most influential factor you can immediately improve would see immediate results from. The other four components of your first number two react to how and where you were aimed. For instance, if you tend to aim close to your target, you will undoubtedly be too far away from the golf ball set up. Why? Because you’ll need the extra room At the top of your swing to the golf ball to redirect the club back to your intended target. And in turn have any chance of squaring the face to the target.

Tour pros on a regular basis work hard on their aim. You’ll never see a tour pro on a range without an alignment stick. And they are constantly double checking their aim on the golf course based upon the shot they envision at any given location on the golf course. When you make your aim consistent with less variables, the remainder of your first two within your golf swing algorithm can now have a chance to reduce the equation to its lowest common denominators.

“2” Number 2 – Your Golf Swing

Your body will make a golf swing totally dependent upon how you set your body up. But it will also make the golf swing dependent upon how your body can function. Good setup or bad set-up.

Let’s get the not so fun aspect of your golf swing out of the way immediately.  Body function is best improved away from the golf course. With a fitness professional add a fitness facility. It’s not as fun improving your body function as it is to hit a 300-yard drive. But without proper body function, you’ll never have a chance of achieving that milestone. If your setup is perfect every time, in relation to how your body functions, your golf swing can become more consistent. But can never reach its potential until your body is functioning in the most efficient manner possible.

With functionality now out of the way, it’s easier to speak about the different parts of your golf swing. If you’re an average amateur golfer scoring between 85 and 100, you are more likely not practicing enough to make significant and sustainable movement pattern improvements to your golf swing. But that’s OK. A lot of that can be taken care of with a very consistent and efficient setup. But if you’re wanting to improve the various elements of your golf swing, You’ll need to start with controlling the face of the golf club.

It’s understanding the relationship of the face of the Golf Club at impact with the golf ball, relative to your intended target, but you can now figure out what went on in your golf swing. And working backwards in a diagnostic way, understand what parts of your golf swing need the most tension. But rake and hitters never do understand while flight related to the club facing impact. Why? Because they’re never looking at the entire ball flight. They’re too busy raking another ball over to hit.

Understand What the “Equal Sign” Really Means

In elementary school we were taught very early what the equal sign means. It is the culmination of all the different numbers and variables to its left. Collectively representing the end result to its right. It does not mean it equals an Orlando Golf Resort calling you letting you know you’re a winner of a free trip. At least not yet.

In life, in business, and in all human endeavors, we tend to use various parts we focus upon to equal a result. And that is exactly what our brains are doing as we make a golf swing. However, in golf, the = represents something significant. And without it, your results will never be fully understood.

In golf, the = is you watching the entire ball flight. As well as evaluating the shot from beginning to end. Not judging yourself!

Watching the entire ball flight, in a non-judgmental way, provides your brain with the data necessary to fully evaluate your set up, how you swung, and result of those two parts of your golf equation. If you are a rake in hitter at the range, the 2 biggest things you can immediately improve is watching every shot fly until the ball comes to rest. And doing so in a non-judgmental way. Only then will you be able to understand the various elements in your setup or your swing that affected how the ball flew. And only then will you know what to focus upon during a golf lesson in Orlando. Or while you spend time by yourself on the range making improvements.


2 + 2 does not always equal 4.  But what does it add up to you in your golf swing?

This simple yeah complex mathematical equation, when used properly in your practice regiment, can make an immediate positive impact to you as a golfer. Understanding each part of the equation, including what the = means, Will dramatically affect the variation of your end results. Your end results will be much closer to the perfect 4 all golfers are after. If you’re nowhere close to hitting the perfect 4, then spend time evaluating every shot until it comes to rest. And understand which part of your equation lacked its full value. Start with your setup. And understand how it affects your swing. Repeat this equation over and over, every time he practices period and every time you play. Don’t be surprised that your end results are closer to the desired “4” you’re searching for, every time you play golf.

If you decide to hire me as your golf coach, and you’re taking a golf lesson in Orlando. Or at The McLemore, I hope you’ll know how to respond if I ask you if you’re 2+2=4 equation actually happened. 2+2 does not always equal 4 when it comes to your golf swing.  So long as you know what each part of the equation means, you’re well on your way to making improvements to your golf swing.

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